German State Minister Commits Suicide as Coronavirus situation escalates


Thomas Schaefer, 54, Finance Minister for Germany’s Hesse state has reportedly committed suicide after deeply worrying rise in the coronavirus stats statewide. His concerns are said to be the economic fallout followed by the epidemic.

Schaefer was found dead near a railway track near Wiesbaden. TheProcesuction office confirmed the cause of death to be suicide.

The report of death was filed on Saturday but due to the extent of injuries, the body couldn’t be identified initially. The politician was in Hesse State politics for over 2 decades working day and night to improve the economic conditions for people and couldn’t reportedly take the stress of the rising economic concerns due to the corona crisis. Before taking the step, Schaefer left a note to German daily¬†Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in which he stated his reason for taking his life.

The news came as a shock to the German politicians, public and people all over the world as it highlights the seriousness of corona situation the whole world is dealing with.

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