FIA Officer suspended for harassing a minor girl by asking her number

FIA Officer suspended for harassing a minor girl by asking her number


A Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) official landed himself in hot water for his inappropriate behavior towards a 15-year-old girl. The FIA Sub-Inspector harassed the young girl for being a lone traveler at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

The FIA sub-inspector Sanjay allegedly asked the minor for ‘mithai’. Mithai is considered as another concealed word for Bribe. He also asked for her contact number, teasing her to meet him when he comes to Bahrain.

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It happened when she arrived in Karachi from Bahrain via Gulf Airlines. The girl, identified as Nadia Nabeel, was allegedly asked for her contact number by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officer for no reason.

The Video

The video was shot by other passengers at the airport. In the video that has now gone viral, a few men can be heard inquiring about the FIA official. They hold him accountable for his inappropriate behavior with a minor girl.

Without any doubt, the power of social media is as such that the video has gone viral and being condemned by many. Moreover, in the video, Sanjay accepted that he asked for the number and bribe as well.

Let’s check out the video.

However, in the video that went viral, the officer said the number was required for the list. Moreover asking for Mithai was a joke, even though he doesn’t know who the girl is.

On the other hand, it’s quite a surprise that some netizens are feeling bad for the guy. They consider his inappropriate actions as his “Bachpana”.

Actions against FIA Officer

15-year-old, Nadia Nabeel, arrived in Karachi from Bahrain via Gulf Airlines. As per reports by media, the FIA sub-inspector accused of misbehaving with the young girl has been suspended. The decision to suspend him came into action on Tuesday. Officials took action after the video of Sub-Inspector Sanjay being confronted by people went viral.

Sources have affirmed that Additional Director FIA, Zain Shaikh confirmed the suspension of the FIA’s Sub-Inspector Sanjay. He reportedly said that the official has been blacklisted at the airport. His Airports Security Force (ASF) pass and other documents have also been seized.

Harassing a woman in Pakistan is as common as flu but hats off to the gentlemen at the airport who stood for the girl. Not only do they complain against the officer but also make a video as proof. You can hear in the video the anger and rage people were expressing towards the officer for misbehaving with a girl.

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