FIA has been approached for a viral TikTok video at Quaid’s Mazar


Mazar-e-Quaid administration decides to approach FIA to remove the viral video from social media of a girl’s dance at the shrine.



In the viral video, a girl in a white dress with a veil is dancing in the Mazar’s compound. Not only has this, various videos of this girl in the veil gone viral on social media. In all the videos she is dancing on different songs and filming them.

The citizens of the “City of Light” criticized this unsophisticated act by saying that this girl is tarnishing the vicinity of our founder’s mausoleum. Citizens further criticized the administration of Quaid’s mausoleum for their irresponsibility.

On that, the administration passes a statement that “The matter is being investigated and management requests the FIA to remove the content on social media and investigate the matter as well.”



Now people are being antagonistic towards TikTok because the users of this app are taking it so seriously that they don’t even care about where they are filming. Just for the sake of some likes, they are disrespecting the founder of Pakistan’s shrine, which is a regrettable aspect.

A few months back, Hareem Shah and her friend Sandal Khattak made TikTok videos in the Prime minister office without any permission. These girls try to expose many PTI officials and eminent personalities by sharing TikTok videos.


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The most heartbreaking thing is that many Pakistanis were around her and watching her making such indecent videos but no one dares to stop her.

Now as a nation it’s our responsibility to build some moral and character values in our young generation. They need to acknowledge the sacrifices which our ancestors and founders made for an independent state called ‘Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan’.















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