FIA Continues To Eradicate RAW's Network In Pakistan

FIA Continues To Eradicate RAW’s Network In Pakistan – Another Traitor Seized


Reading Now: FIA Continues To Eradicate RAW’s Network In Pakistan – Another Traitor Seized

India has always been one of the greatest and most annoying challenges in internal and external security affairs of Pakistan. It has always tried its best to hamper and destroy Pakistan’s peace and economical development by any way possible. India is reportedly the biggest helping hand towards promoting and executing terrorist activities in Balochistan as well as central Punjab. Its notorious intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has injected many of its top command spies – the sleeper cells in Pakistan as normal citizens.

However, Pakistani intelligence agencies are always on their toes, and recently, a spike has been seen in conducting operations against RAW agents. Most recently, FIA has arrested ASI Syed Mussavir Ali Naqvi, who is a RAW agent working against Pakistan in police intelligence in Sindh. He has been apprehended and will be put to face the righteous consequences. He is the 12th RAW sleeper cell to be arrested this month.

Syed Mussavir Ali Naqvi – The Culprit

According to official reports by Federal Agency of Investigation, Syed Musavvir Ali Naqvi is one of the key members of RAW who has been in active service in Sindh Police since 1991. Reportedly, he was sent to India in 2008 for specialized training on how to create disruption and cause chaos in Pakistan. It is frightening to realize that extremely important designations in our security departments like police can be manipulated and jeopardized by foreign non-friendly bodies.

The accused ASI was reportedly on surveillance duty in Karachi airport from where he was arrested. He has been charged of extreme violation of law, carrying out planned terrorist activities and target killing in Sindh. He is associated with MQM’s London based terrorist group.

FIA Continues To Eradicate RAW's Network In Pakistan

The FIA officials said that the culprit was majorly involved in helping out his terrorist partners and associates on airport surveillance and customs.

Previously Caught RAW Agent In Sindh Police

A similar arrest took place a while back when another ASI from Sindh was captured as a RAW worker. He was detained by special undercover authorities and FIA for being involved in terrorist acts in Sindh as a middle man to RAW. The arrested sub inspector was reportedly a common man living a normal life. He was arrested from Gulistan-e-Johar in Karachi, where he used to work.

Read our detailed article on his arrest in the link down below:

RAW Agent Working As ASI Arrested From Karachi

Pakistani intelligence agencies have stirred up into action against such traitors. As FIA continues to eradicate RAW’s network in Pakistan, it is our social responsibility to look out for anyone who seems suspicious, for anyone who works against the law, and the people who spread anarchy.

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