Fatwa: Coronavirus Swab Tests Do Not Invalidate Fasting


Fatwa: Coronavirus Swab Tests Do Not Invalidate Fasting has taken over the world!

The Holy month of Ramadan is just upon us. In these times, when the coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, Muslims everywhere are unsure whether they can get tested for the virus without breaking their fast.

Thankfully, Muslim scholars across the world have clarified on the matter. They have assured everyone that the COVID-19 nasal and throat swab tests do not invalidate fasting.

Dr Mohd Asri’s Fatwa

Malaysian State, Perlis’ “Datuk” Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin guaranteed that coronavirus tests do not break one’s fast. He also reassured that the Fatwa committee reached this conclusion after analyzing all the arguments and proposals. He said;

“The swab tests are not considered as eating and drinking that can cause a person’s fast to be invalidated, with the consensus of the Muslim scholars.”

One of the arguments against this was that intentionally inserting any objects or food into any passageway in the body can break your fast. Dr. Asri said that the argument that inserting something into a person’s bodily passageway can invalidate the person’s fast was the focus point of differing opinions among Islamic scholars. But in the end, the conclusion was reached that medical reasons are an exception. He explained;

“The opinion that the swab test does not invalidate fasting is in line with the views of the Hanafi Islamic jurisprudence that requires the object that is inserted inside a bodily passage to remain inside and not be connected with something else outside of the human body, If so, the swab test only involves a process to insert the swab into the nose and mouth in order to take the needed samples and later taken out, and does not invalidate fasting,”

UAE Fatwa Council’s Confirmation

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Fatwa Council gave confirmation of this as well. The council made the declaration that Muslims should not stop themselves from testing for the virus. This is because the test has no effect on their fast whatsoever.

Aside from giving some guidelines to follow for fasting in Ramadan amidst the coronavirus crisis, the council also declared that patients suffering from the novel coronavirus illness, whether with symptoms or without, may choose not to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. This also applies to the doctors and medical staff battling on the front lines against the virus.


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