FAST University EXPELS And Reduces Students’ Grades For Making Memes


Now Reading: FAST University EXPELS And Reduces Students’ Grades For Making Memes

In times when educational institutions should adopt policies to benefit the students, it looks like they are dead set on making their lives harder. From¬†Islamic University’s president buying a Rs. 3+ lac iphone from university funds while the families of students struggle to make ends meet for their kids’ education, to LUMS and even FAST itself increasing their fee by unthinkable amounts, people almost thought that the institutions can’t grief the students anymore. Turns out, they were wrong.

Fast continues this trend of making their students living hell by expelling them for making memes on social media. Yes, that’s right. Not only that, they are also reducing their grades as punishment for casual social media banter. They are also being subjected to daily hours-long community service on campus grounds. This outrageous decision was revealed in a “Disciplinary Actions Notice” by FAST Lahore. Below is the notice which lists students’ name and their collective and individual punishments in the first two sections:


Sadly, this doesn’t end here. In the third section of the notice, FAST shows that its ego is so hurt by social media memes that it is threatening to cancel the degrees of those who graduated from it in the past as well. FAST


To no shock to anyone, this notice was met with heavy criticism. The affected and the unaffected alike are outraged on this decision by FAST. People have took to their social media to get this pathetic decision noticed by the government and other education officials.

“Dictatorship at its best”, wrote Shah Murad on facebook. He noted that people have countless problems to worry about amidst this pandemic and FAST is worried about humorous memes and is making this sort of decisions to prove that they can’t take criticism on their faults. He also noted how world leaders and athletes get memes made on them all the time but they don’t become dictators over it.

Shameful. Nobody can control what we post on our social media. How is posting memes on facebook related to our grades?…

Posted by Shah Murad on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Meanwhile Ali Moeen Nawazish called this decision by FAST shameful. He noted the irony of ‘beacons of freedom of speech and thought’ getting offended over constructive criticism or humorous memes on them as well.

FAST University, this is shameful!Universities are supposed to be beacons of free speech and thought. At Cambridge and…

Posted by Ali Moeen Nawazish on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Mustafa on FB noted how the nature of these memes was light hearted and not at all offensive. He also talked about how they are ignoring actual problems like students abusing teachers in online classes and punishing other students who didn’t do anything wrong.

These are some of the memes over which those students from FAST are facing semester deferments. Correct me if I'm wrong…

Posted by Mustafa Ulhaq on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Using the hashtag #shameonfast, users on twitter have also spoken out tremendously over this. Some even relied on humorous and lighthearted memes to express themselves, presumably and hilariously out of spite.

Considering all this, it is truly a pathetic and disgusting decision by FAST which leaves them with no excuses and must be met with repercussions to show that this type of behavior and grieving is NOT okay.


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