Fashion Giant Hugo Boss Placed Its First Order In Pakistan

Fashion Giant Hugo Boss Placed Its First Order In Pakistan


News Today: Fashion Giant Hugo Boss Placed Its First Order In Pakistan

Pakistan has always suffered a lack of exposure in the international business community despite owning a tonne of potential in different business sectors. Recent government has taken many steps to unleash Pakistan’s actual potential to the world and foreign investors have now started taking notice of business dynamics in Pakistan. Pakistan, if governed in the correct way, is one of the most likely countries in today’s times to grow exponentially in economical as well as business terms. Pakistan does not lack either technical knowledge or the required labor force to take that knowledge to fruition. The only thing that has always lack is government interest. Contrary to normal international disinterest, fashion giant Hugo Boss placed its first order in Pakistan.

Efforts Of PRGMEA

PRGMEA managed to host International Apparel Federation’s 35th Fashion Convention in Lahore, Pakistan. This convention was held in the month of November last year in which a multitude of multi-billionaire fashion brands from around the globe participated. This proved to be a golden chance for Pakistani clothing industry to showcase its talent and creativity. Many companies were astounded by what they saw in Pakistan and got eager to learn the production techniques as well as manufacturing facilities in Pakistan.

Fashion Giant Hugo Boss Placed Its First Order In Pakistan

Hugo Boss also showed interest in mega event and the representatives took back positive feedback. Now it comes as a great news to all Pakistani textile and business community that Hugo Boss has agreed to work, in fact placed an order for clothes in Pakistan.

Pakistani Sportswear

This time round Hugo Boss has went out of its niche of gentleman clothing like suits and sophisticated clothing with accessories and has asked Pakistan to produce professional level sportswear on an industrial scale. This comes as an interesting news as analysts believe Hugo Boss is majorly known for its profession oriented apparel and not casual or youth oriented clothing. What first impression Hugo Boss casts on the world with its new product will highly be dependent on Pakistani skill.

Hugo Boss is now majorly targeting mainstream e-commerce business model instead of typical physical existence as it failed while uprooting a few years back. The fashion giant is going through some hefty changes to grow further and this will surely benefit Pakistan in many ways.

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