Famed TV Host, Tariq Aziz, Passes Away At 84 [A Look Back At His Life]


Now Reading: Famed TV Host, Tariq Aziz, Passes Away At 84 [A Look Back At His Life]

2020 continues to maintain its streak on being the worst year ever as it takes away the legendary TV host and icon – Mr. Tariq Aziz- from us. His family confirmed that the renowned radio and television anchor passed away on Wednesday in Lahore at the age of 84. According to his wife, Mr. Tariq was diabetic. On Wednesday morning, he was taken to the hospital due to his health suddenly deteriorating. Later on in the day, he died from cardiac arrest.

This death of the legendary icon comes as a great loss to the entire nation and especially its entertainment industry. Throughout his life, he accomplished great things and contributed greatly to the industry.


Let’s Take A Look Back On The Exceptional Journey That Was Mr. Tariq’s Life

Tariq Aziz was born in Jalandhar (India) on 28th April, 1936. He, along with his family, migrated to Pakistan after partition of the subcontinent in 1947 and settled in Sahiwal, where he got his primary education. Despite having his spent his life in poverty, he didn’t let it get him down. In a show, ‘Mazak raat’ , he told about the time when he didn’t have enough money to even pay for coffee. But, he believed in this from the bottom of his heart;

“We must always remember, that after every night there comes a dawn”. 

That came true for him as he went on to become one of the first and also the most iconic television announcers and news casters of Pakistan. Mr. Aziz started his career with Radio Pakistan in the 1960s. He was also part of the inaugural team of presenters of PTV on its first day of transmission;  on November 26, 1964.

Though, it wasn’t until his exceptional work on the country’s first quiz and game show – Neelam Ghar (Auction House) in 1974 on PTV- that he gained nationwide popularity and became a household name. He garnered so much popularity through his hosting skills that the show was later renamed after him as the ‘Tariq Aziz Show’. The show continued on for four decades and holds the record of the longest running show on Pakistan Television.

He was also a poet and actor and had performed in multiple radio and television programs as well as in films. His first film, Insaniyat, was released in 1967. Throughout his career, he worked in 42 films, including 30+ in Urdu (the rest were in Punjabi). In 1992, the President of Pakistan granted Mr. Aziz the prestigious Pride of Performance Award in recognition of his timeless services to the entertainment industry. He later on also joined politics and served the National Assembly from 1997-99.


The Nation In A State Of Shock And Sorrow On The Loss Of A Diamond

Everyone has burst into a state of shock and sorrow on the unfortunate loss of an unmatched diamond. People from the entertainment industry, politicians, cricketers and the public in general have expressed their condolences and sadness on the death of Mr. Tariq Aziz.

President Arif Alvi took to twitter to share his sorrow and sadness on this loss. “A chapter closes with the sad demise of Tariq Aziz”, he wrote.

PM Imran also expressed his condolences and prayers in a twitter post.

Similarly, other politicians shared their condolences with Mr. Tariq’s family as well. Along with this, entertainers also grieved on this loss.

“A big part of my childhood”, wrote Mawra as she expressed her grief.

In the same way, everyone in the entertainment industry expressed their condolences. Osman Khalid, Humayun Saeed, Ali Zafar and Fahad Mustafa just to name a few took to twitter to share their prayers.

It is a really sad time as an era of ethics, knowledge, sober conduct, cultural norms and the most civilized representation of a true human has come to an end. 2020 is TRULY the worst year ever.


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