Facebook, Instagram users faced a major outage and Twitter can’t stop trolling them


Users of Instagram, Facebook and Messenger all over the world including Pakistan are facing a major outage once again as all of the three apps went down during Thanksgiving and people facing difficulties in sharing content and even logging in to their accounts.

All three mobile apps have the same infrastructure, which means that when there is an issue in one application, the other two will also be affected.

The official page of Instagram tweeted earlier today about the incident and told that they are aware of the issues people are facing and are working to fix the problem.

“We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook’s family of apps, including Instagram. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. .”, they said.

According to a report from Independent, different kinds of issues were faced by the people. Some people told that they could view all the content but their newsfeed was not updating. While others told that they were logged out of the three applications and were not able to log in again. At the same time, some people also told that they were not affected by the issue and were apparently able to use all the three applications without any problem.

Downdetector, a website which detects and reports when another website or application goes down, tweeted before anyone and informed people about the issue. They told that Instagram, Facebook and Messenger had gone down at the same time.

According to Independent, Mark Zuckerberg has recently told that he is planning to merge all the three social media platforms so that the three apps can share the same back-end. This can increase the chances of all the three apps going down together.

As a result of the incident, people on Twitter can’t stop trolling the users of Facebook and Instagram and a lot of memes are appearing on Twitter and other social media platforms that are not affected by the outage.


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