Netflix Extraction Ending Explained

Extraction Ending Explained: Did the makers left suspense for a Sequel? (Spoilers Alert)


[Spoilers Ahead]

Netflix Movie Extraction is definitely a thrilling journey and a worth watch for action movie fans. Extraction features Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a mercenary, that takes a risky job in Dhaka to rescue a boy named Ovi (Son of India’s biggest drug lord).

Tyler Rake gets played by Raju, who uses him to rescue Ovi and crosses him when the boy is out. Tyler doesn’t give up on the boy even on knowing he is played and will not be getting money for the job. Amongst this comes the real fight with Asif, Bangladesh’s biggest drug lord (Ovi’s kidnapper and his dad rival.

extraction ending explained - Chris Hemsworth

Both Tyler and Ovi are on the run, with Saju (the double player) and the Dhaka police chasing them. In a cross fight with street kids, Tyler gets hurt bad and calls his old friend Gaspar (Hopper from Stranger Things in case you are wondering) to rescue him. In Gaspar’s Safe House, Ovi and Tyler get an emotional moment where Ovi reminds him of his 6-year-old dead son.

Ovi and Tyler - extraction

Later, Gasper betrays Tyler and both him and the kid have to run for their lives once again. This time Tyler calls Saju for help and acts as a distraction for the police while Saju guides Ovi to Safety.

The cross fight from the bridge gets shady and Saju dies while Ovi is hiding to save himself. Tyler also reaches the bridge in time for extraction as his team comes in with the chopper. As he has killed everyone behind them, the little kid from earlier the movie shoots him in the neck and it seems like he can’t make it to the chopper.

Tyler drops himself into the river while Ovi and the extraction team fly away. From here the real suspense begin.

With such short distance between Tyler and the Chopper, could he make it to the chopper? Or was he sure he won’t survive?

Earlier in the movie, it was shown that Tyler can hold his breath for long in the water. As we haven’t seen his dead body, is this pointing towards his survival?

Tyler dying in Extraction

After Ovi’s rescue, the movie doesn’t end here. Nik (the girl who contracts Tyler) kills Asif Dhaka’s Drug Lord at a party later.

Did she do it to take revenge for Tyler’s death?

or is she working for Ovi’s dad as the terms of the settlement between them aren’t clear in the end?

How did Ovi get home when his dad didn’t have enough money to pay Tyler in the first place?

Now the biggest clue of Tyler’s survival at the end is the scene where Ovi is back to school and jumps in the pool where he imitates Tyler’s breath-holding exercise shown at the start of the movie.

Who taught him that?
Neflix Extraction Ending - Pool Scene

It gets more interesting when Ovi can’t hold his breathe anymore and rise up from the pool and turns right to see a Tyler like-man standing on the right.

Is it Tyler who is now Ovi’s bodyguard and trainer?

Given that the man’s face is deliberately blurred, hints for a Sequel to Netflix Extraction which has everyone spellbound. Have you seen the movie yet? If not get online and watch Netflix Extraction that is trending big time everywhere.

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