Expelled students of University of Lahore for PDA Tie the Knot

Expelled students of University of Lahore for PDA Tie the Knot


In surprising news, the students of the University of Lahore whose video went viral on social media for proposing and hugging each other at the university campus have tied the knot. 

Consequently, the ‘PDA couple’ received major backlash after a video of the girl, Hadiqa Javaid, proposing to her boyfriend, Shehryar Rana, went viral. The two of them were expelled and prohibited to enter university premises.


Earlier, a video of a girl proposing to a boy she likes was making rounds on social media. The two were identified as University of Lahore students. No matter how much they love each other, their PDA rage a wave of mixed reactions in public. Some of them condemn their actions. However, many others support the couple and found nothing harmless in their public proposal.

The University of Lahore students ended up getting expelled and were forbidden to enter the university premises. Let’s take a look at the video:

Netizens Reaction

The reaction of the netizens was somewhat mixed but many call this behavior ‘obscene’. There were great debates all over social media for questing this act on moral and religious grounds. In addition to this, the public demanded that the university take strict action against the ‘PDA couple’.

Some people support the couple.

Memers never sit back

Celebrities reaction

Celebrities, political figures, and many other eminent personalities took to their respective accounts to show their concerns for the couple. 

The Apology

The boy in the video, Shehryar Ahmed Rana took his Twitter account to apologized for their actions. He said it was all his fault and request people not to backlash the girl, as she is a noble girl. He tried his best to request everyone not to show her face while making fun of them. In his message, he clearly states that people are calling her characterless because she exhibits her feeling for him publicly.

In the response to Shehryar’s tweet, the girl, Hadiqa Javaid said:

Wedding Bells

All’s Well That Ends Well. Although the couple faces backlash before, now they are in an official relationship. The news of a couple getting married is now making rounds on media and people are happy for them. A Twitter user shares the news and the cut piece of Jang Newspaper which brings the happy news. Couple thanked the Twitter user for sharing the news.

Now people are requesting UOL to take back their decision of expelling them so they can complete their degree. As their studies are also important for them.  

Will the management take back their decision now?

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