Exiled Pakistani Journalist Sajid Hussain Found Dead In Sweden

Exiled Pakistani Journalist Sajid Hussain Found Dead In Sweden


Exiled Pakistani journalist Sajid Hussain was the crusader of the rights of the people of Balochistan. He left Pakistan for Sweden in 2012 and got himself a political asylum there near 2017. He was an advocate of the oppressed people of Balochistan who have been a victim of blood-shed, forced disappearances and drug-trafficking since decades. He raised his voice against the Pakistani intelligence agencies who he allegedly accused of being the reason for the deplorable condition of people of Balochistan.

On March 2 2020, Sajid Hussain was reported missing by his friends and family. He was last seen boarding a train to the city of Uppsala in Sweden from Stockholm, where he resided along with his friend. His wife reported that he seemed to be in a very cheerful mood on the phone when she talked to him. Read more about his sudden disappearance in one of our previous articles.

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Sadly, it has been reported by the Swedish investigating bodies that Sajid Hussain has been found dead in the Fyris river outside Upsalla.

Investigation of Sajid Hussain’s Death

His troubled past favors the fact that his death is also a result of some malicious and criminal activity. He was a firm advocate of the rights of Balochi people and his incessant journalism with his now online newspaper Balochistan Times against the Pakistani authorities had led him have his house raided in Pakistan. Moreover, he had also received multiple death threats in the past asking him to refrain from working for the people of Balochistan.

Exiled Pakistani Journalist Sajid Hussain Found Dead In Sweden

However, the Swedish police RAF has reported that his autopsy has shown no signs whatsoever of any criminal activity. According to them, it could very well be an accident or suicide because medical examinations have not revealed any forensic evidence of violence or poisoning. However, the suspicion of crime cannot be entirely excluded. Fyris river, from where his dead body has been collected, is one famous river in Upsalla and finding a body in a river leads to the suspicion of someone trying to hide the body after murder.

Exiled Pakistani Journalist Sajid Hussain Found Dead In Sweden
Fyris River, Outside Upsalla City in Sweden

Sajid Hussain has left behind a wife and two children who are dejected and in utter shock. His friends and family have demanded thorough investigation as to what has caused their dear’s death. The most noticeable question that they have in mind is that how can a journalist experience such a traumatic death in one of the safest countries in the world for journalism.

Sajid Hussain’s Troubled Past

The brave journalist has had a rough time with his own motherland. His unshaken courage and bold journalism revealed a drug kingpin in Balochistan responsible for destroying many lives. However, when he started addressing and accusing the Pakistani Army and Pakistani intelligence agencies for the atrocities in Balochistan, things started to get hard for him. His house was raided and a lot of his sensitive content was taken. His family had been harassed multiple times because of which he had to seek refuge in Sweden. He never stopped speaking for the people of Balochistan.

Exiled Pakistani Journalist Sajid Hussain Found Dead In Sweden The Swedish police has also said that Sajid’s controversial past with Pakistani military and intelligence agencies can likely be a reason to his sudden and untimely death. With Pakistan being one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, the possibility of an international intrusion in Sweden cannot be neglected.

Journalist Society On His Death

All journalists around Pakistan have expressed their sorrow and condolences to the departed’s family. His death is being marked as a void in the Balochi community that will be hard to fill.


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