Esra Belgic Aka Halime Sultan Signed As Brand Ambassador Of Q-Mobile


Now Reading: Esra Belgic Aka Halime Sultan Signed As Brand Ambassador Of Q-Mobile

Diriliş: Ertuğrul or Ertugrul Ghazi took Pakistan by storm when it started airing on PTV. It achieved many milestones after its release, whether it be on the television side of things or Youtube or even social media. Pakistanis became obsessed with not only the show but also its cast. Esra Belgic aka Halime Sultan was at the fore front of all this attention, with most of the people of Pakistan becoming massive fans while on the other hand, some getting disappointed and moral policing when they got to know the actress is not her character. The negativity aside, all the popularity has culminated in the form of Pakistani brands reaching out to the actress to be signed as their ambassadors.

Q-Mobile Signs Esra Belgic As Brand Ambassador

Esra Bilgic revealed earlier in an interview that she will soon be working with three Pakistani brands. She added that she will reveal the names of said brands soon. She hinted on her social media that she’s in talks with Peshawar Zalmi for the next PSL.

Now we know that one of these brands is Q-Mobile. Finally, Halime Sultan has arrived in the 21st century as the brand ambassador of Q-Mobile’s View Max Pro Series. “QMobile is proud to announce Esra Bilgic famous for playing Halime Sultan from Ertugrul as its ambassador for View Max Pro series making QMobile the first Pakistani brand to have any celebrity from Ertugrul phenomenon on board,” the company said in a social media post. The actress confirmed this in a twitter post as well.

Q-Mobile has a history of getting the biggest stars to promote their brand. What makes this event so special is that it will be the first ever time an International Turkish star will be doing so. It has also made Q-Mobile the first Pakistani brand to have any celebrity from Ertugrul on board. On the occasion, the CEO and Chairman of Q-Mobile – Mr. Zeeshan Akhter – commented;

“It has always been our vision to bring innovation in Pakistan through our products, technology and advertising. During the current times, we hope that this project will be a pleasant surprise for the Pakistani audiences and a benchmark for more collaborations of Pakistani brands with global celebrities.”

Pakistani Celebrities Weren’t Too Happy On This Announcement

It seems like while fans are celebrating this announcement, the local celebrities aren’t so happy with it. Some of them have expressed their displeasure over the fact that a Turkish actress was picked as the brand ambassador. They are of the view that the brand should have a Pakistani ambassador.

Here’s what Yasir Hussain had to say;


Minal agreed with his statement as well.


Aimen also thought that this statement was ‘absolutely right’.


Do you agree with these celebs or do you think this international collaboration is a good thing? Tell us in the comments below!


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