‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ Star Engin Altan Cast in New Turkish Series Barbaros


Now Reading: ‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ Star Engin Altan Cast in New Turkish Series Barbaros

After the nationwide phenomenon that was Ertugrul Ghazi, it seems like another series might be about to take Pakistan by storm once more. The Turkish actor who played the namesake leading role in Ertugrul – Engin Altan – has been cast to play the lead role in an upcoming Turkish series “Barbaros”. Reportedly, TRT1 has had the show in the works for three years now and production was meant to start mid-July and the series release is set in early 2021.

The new TV series, titled ‘Barbaros’ is going to portray the extraordinarily remarkable life of Hızır Hayreddin Pasha – the Albanian-origin sea ghazi from the Ottoman State. Engin Altan aka Ertugrul will be portraying the admiral and commander of the seas – Barbaros. As per the production standards, the show must have a TV rating of at least 7% to be even considered for a second season’s renewal when it finally does air in January of next year. Hopes from TRT1 are that this new series will manage to fill the gap left by Ertugrul and reach similar levels of popularity.

Famous for his lead role in Netflix’s “The Protector”, another famous Turkish star – Cagatay Ulusoy – was also set to be cast in the upcoming TV series, though he will reportedly no longer be joining Barbaros’ cast after talks with the broadcasting company didn’t go well. Despite this, he has commented that fans will love the show and that the show is packed with a stellar cast.


Ertugrul Grants Wishes of Terminally-ill Fans in Make-A-Wish Event

A couple days back, Ertugrul i.e. Engin Altun granted the wishes of three of his terminally-ill children fans in an event organized by Make-A-Wish Foundation in the country’s port city of Karachi. This event was also attended by the Consul General of Republic of Turkey, Mr. Tolga Uçak and other prominent figures from Pakistan’s entertainment industry including Humayun Saeed, Nadeem Baig and Zeba Bakhtiar.

As the foundation grants wishes of children who are suffering from fatal diseases, its got Engin Altun on board as three of the children i.e. Fizza Khuda Baksh (14), Sidra Khan (15), and Sohail Umer (16) wanted to meet the Turkish actor. On this occasion, the wish children wore traditional Turkish outfits from the play. A sword was also presented to the Turkish star as a gift by the children. The gift was received by the Turkish consul general on Engin’s behalf.

“I am touched by the love and affection from Pakistan and especially from Make-A-Wish children. I will soon visit Pakistan to meet my Pakistani brothers and sisters,” Altan said, while speaking with the children via video link. “I saw your drama on PTV which is lovely and telling us the Islamic history and how our heroes fought for Islam,” Umer told the actor. Khuda Baksh stated, “I wished to speak and meet you and today my dream was fulfilled by Make-A-Wish”. Ishtiaq Baig – the organiser and founder of Make-A-Wish Pakistan also appreciated the actor greatly on the occasion.

Engin Altan Meeting Make A Wish Children

Posted by Make Wish on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

As the meeting with the children concluded, Altan was overwhelmed with all the love and praise he received and expressed his own excitement at visiting Pakistan soon. He said with great joy;

“Thank you very much, I can see I inspired you and I am very happy for this love.” 

It is no doubt that the leading Ertugrul actor is loved by Pakistanis. Now with him portraying another major historical figure in the upcoming series Barbaros, high chances are that another major hit is incoming!


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