Engin Altan Cancels Deal With ‘Fraudster’ Kashif Zameer

Engin Altan Cancels Deal With ‘Fraudster’ Kashif Zameer


Engin Altan Duzyatan a.k.a. Ertugrul has officially announced the cancellation of the agreement with Mr. Kashif Zameer. On Monday, he announced that he is canceling his agreement with the Chaudhary Group of Industries. 

Engin Altan officially cancels contract with Kashif Zameer

Engin Altan has finally broken silence on the topic of his hanging contract with Chaudhary Group of Companies, and its Sialkot-based director Kashir Zameer. He also expressed displeasure over his former host’s false statements and misinformation given to the media.

A ‘Termination of Ambassadorship Agreement Protocol with Chaudhary Group of Industries’ was released yesterday, which states,

 “I am canceling the agreement with the Pakistani company as a brand ambassador.”

Engin Altan Cancels Deal With ‘Fraudster’ Kashif Zameer

“Kashif Zameer has not fulfilled any of the conditions despite the period given under the agreement. The company did not pay even half of the amount as per the agreement. I have not any association with Kashif Zameer anymore,” reads the press statement.

Furthermore, Engin Altan in his statement mentions the love and respect showers by the Pakistani people. He also claims that he will visit Pakistan soon.

“I am determined to enhance friendly relations as well as mutual culture between Turkey and Pakistan. Inshallah, I will visit Pakistan again in person soon.”


Turkish sensation Engin Altan landed in Pakistan in December 2020.TikTok Kashif Zameer calls the Engin to Pakistan, as he booked in Engin as a global brand ambassador of his Chaudhary group of companies, after striking a deal of 1 million dollars.

However, later the golden-laden blonde was revealed to be a wanted felon, with nearly 8 crime charges, and was taken into custody. This disclosure had affected his dealing with Engin Altan as he left for his native land uninformed.

However, he rejected the reports as ‘a malicious campaign’. According to him, the local brands and media outlets were tarnishing his image ‘out of revenge’ for not letting them meet the Turkish guest. 

Later on, the police arrested Zameer after the emergence of his criminal record. However, he was released soon and disabused that no fraud or corruption was done from his end.

Engin Altan Cancels Deal With ‘Fraudster’ Kashif Zameer

Addressing the rumors, Kashif clears that the total was to be $10 lac. From which, they already paid $5 lac and the rest will be paid after the shoot. Furthermore, Zameer revealed that the Turkish actor will be returning to Pakistan on the 13th or 14th of January. However, he did not.

Zameer, who is also a famous Pakistani TikTok star, is known for wearing loads of gold in various ornaments in his daily life had previously also rejected reports about him.

In addition to this, Kashif Zameer confirms his ongoing contract with Engin. As per his saying, the contract is still up. However, no official statement has issued by Engin Altan on the matter so far.

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