A Pakistani Short Film Addressing Suicide

ELO – A Pakistani Short Film Addressing Suicide


Currently Reading: ELO – A Pakistani Short Film Addressing Suicide

Pineapple Pakistan is always keen to feature raw and inspiring talent from Pakistan and this time we feel exhilarated to present Syed Saad Farrukh, a Pakistani writer, film producer and a growing yet brilliant actor. Syed Saad Farrukh in collaboration with Parindaa Films has come up with a short movie named “ELO”. This short film addresses one of the most harsh realities of Pakistan, relating especially to youth with ambitions in their heads fueling their desires. This 28 minutes long silent film breaks barriers and completely disregards conventional and typical film niches. Suicide – ending our own existence, a potentially joyful and successful entity lying at the grace of a few obnoxious caterers of opportunity, turning rogue with his own existence and ending every bit of his happiness with him. Quite relevant with modern day society, especially Pakistani youth with each day brewing new challenges.

Beginning Of The End

ELO commences with a smart boy strolling with an umbrella in his hand with a destination in his mind, played quite professionally by Saad himself. This boy is supposed to reach a building within time in order to avail a job opportunity, accompanying him is an appointment letter. The boy is an analogy to an ordinary boy pursuing an opportunity to fulfill his desires and attain a sense of achievement. In the movie, the boy has to take help from many people in order to stay on the correct route to his relevant building. This is an analogy for the struggles a person has to make as to reach to a certain point in his life.

A Pakistani Short Film Addressing Suicide

Out of nowhere a mishap strikes the boy. He loses his appointment letter and realizes it only after reaching the building. With punctuality a necessary value of the job, the boy blazes back to where he thinks he lost his appointment letter. A series of events letter, the boy is not allowed to enter the building eventually and he loses his chance to confirm his joining. All his pleading goes to vain.

All his qualifications do not enable him to be strong enough to bear harshness of life. Everyday people on the roads do not even notice what he is going through. Pressed by incessant failures, the boy decides to end his sadness in an attempt to enter the realm of happiness.

Creative Team Behind The Lens

This piece of art not only highlights the sheer talent and amount of work put behind the scenes but also sheds light on the fact that the people involved in the production process fully understand these emotions and have tried their best to showcase what they feel about the society as a whole. A Pakistani film addressing suicide was long over-due and this talented group decided to give it a shot.

A Pakistani Short Film Addressing Suicide

This creative endeavor has been directed by Syed Wajahat Ali cinematography has been accomplished by Salik Chagani and Basharat Hussain. Crew members include Usman Nasar, Anas Imran, Zain, Turrab, Meer, Ahmed and Saboor. Lastly, the concept has been evolved and written by Syed Saad Farrukh and produced by Parindaa Films.

We recommend you to watch the movie here: https://web.facebook.com/parindaafilms/videos/2499858116901551

Or on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/356205322

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