Easy Weight Loss Meal Plans for Beginners in Ramadan 2020


After the first Ashra of indulgence during Ramadan, it’s important to get down to business as the second Ashra approaches and to take better care of your health and stop eating unhealthy. From now on, we have weight loss meal plans that will help you reach your health goals without feeling deprived.

Diet and Weight loss plans are not so easy to follow because of the expensive and tasteless meals. We Brown people can’t live on an apple 1 slice of brown bread and a cup of black coffee for a day long.



Here we are with Ramzan diet plans for beginners that include nothing expensive and tasteless food.

Ramzan Weight Loss Diet Plan : Suhoor


Almost 90% of Pakistani people eat something heavy in Sehri that gives them a sense of fullness.

  1. 1 medium-size chapati
  2. Daal/ Chicken curry/ Cooked Veggies or Leftover Saalan from dinner.
  3. 1 bowl of full-fat yogurt (add mint chatni, cumin, and salt for better taste)
  4. A glass of Milk/Milkshake/Lassi/Fresh Fruit Juice, if you don’t like to have yogurt.

Many of us don’t like eggs so another option is to eat Daal, Chicken, beans, and cooked veggies with chapati. The best option is to eat the leftover Saalan from dinner.


If you are not a leftover person, here is another diet plan for you guys.

  1. 1 egg (use egg white only)
  2. A medium-size chapati.
  3. A bowl of full-fat yogurt (add mint chatni, cumin, and salt for better taste)
  4. A glass of Milk/Milkshake/Lassi/Fresh Fruit Juice, if you don’t like to have yogurt.


Eggs are full of proteins which surely help in weight loss. you can have an omelet adding black pepper, salt, coriander, cumin, and onions (Onions are optional).


If you don’t feel like going with options 2 & 3 here is another option for people who prefer to eat something light in Sehar.

  1. 1 cup of cooked oatmeal(Daliya) with milk
  2. 1 apple or other fruit you like
  3. 2 dates
  4. 1 piece of brown bread (if you feel more hungry)
  5. A glass of Milk/Milkshake/Lassi/Fresh Fruit Juice, Whatever you like.

Oats also contain 2% of the recommended daily amount of calcium and 6% of iron. They are low in calories and contain only 1.5 grams of fat. Not only Oatmeal helps in weight loss but also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

The fruits can help in maintaining your sugar level. Dates can energize you during fast.

Brown bread is a low-fat bread, its optional in case you feel hungry after all this, you can have a slice of brown bread.

Ramzan Weight Loss Plan: Iftar

Breaking Fast


First of all start with 1-2 dates and a glass of plain water. The reason is you haven’t seen any action in your stomach for the last 16 hours, and then all of a sudden you send this plenty of food into your gut. Quite a horrible thing?

A Short Break

After eating dates and drinking water, better to take a short break of 10-15 minutes. You can offer Magrib during this break or maybe sitting back for a while. Let your stomach back into action.

Drink of the Eve

Drink 2 glasses of Lemonade after the break. I repeat Lemonade, not any other Soda or colorful drinks.

If you like to add some sweetness put honey in it and here come the must-add ingredient Basil Seeds. (Soak Basil seeds in water 15 minutes before drinking)

Many of us confuse Basil Seeds with Chia Seeds. Basil Seeds are ‘Tukhme Balanga’ in Urdu. Whereas, Chia Seeds are known as ‘Tukame dawoodi’. You can get Basil seeds from any pansari shop. 

Iftar Meals


There is no Iftar without oily items like pakoras, samosas, Kachoriyan, and all. I know at the time of Iftar, we want to eat everything on the table. BUT, this is exactly the challenge to control you and eat moderately.

  1.  1 cup of Channa Chaat
  2. French fries/Pakoras/Samosas (Less quantity)
  3. 1 piece of Steamed Kabas / Chicken Alu cutlets

For Channa Chaat you can add Chopped onions, tomatoes, mint, coriander, and Leek (Hari Piyaz) with Chickpea. To make it spicy add some Black pepper, Chaat Masala, and Salt (Avoid salt if you can).

You can use Brown chickpea instead of chickpea. Eat 1-2 pieces of Pakoras and samosas if you like to eat it that much.

Better to eat steamed Kabas instead of other oily stuff. It will give you a sense of fulness and proteins in kabab are good for weight loss.


If you don’t like channa chat, we have other alternatives for you.

  1.  1 cup of Fruit Chaat
  2. French fries/Pakoras/Samosas (Less quantity)
  3. 1 piece of Steamed Kabas / Chicken Alu cutlets

Fruit Chaat must consist of all seasonal fruits or available fruits. Don’t add sugar in fruit chaat otherwise, it will be no longer an item for weight loss. Add some Low-fat cream if you want to only eat a bowl of fruit chaat.


Many people don’t like fruit chaat but prefer to eat fruits alone to enjoy the taste.

  1. Fruits like Melon/ Water Melon/ Apple/Guava/Peach
  2. French fries/Pakoras/Samosas (Less quantity)
  3. 1 piece of Steamed Kabas / Chicken Alu cutlets

There are many options for fruits but the preferred ones are Melon and Water Melon. They are low in calories and have a high water content, which makes them very weight-loss friendly

A 90-minute Break

When you are done with your Iftar meals then take at least a 90-minute gap between Iftar and Dinner. As we all know God granted us only one stomach so be nice to it!

Dinner Meals

Obviously, you are quite hungry now. You want a good and tasty meal. For dinner, there are no such restrictions. You can eat whatever your Mom cooked for dinner. The only thing you need to focus is on portions. Eat whatever you want but eat less.

  1. Chicken Yakhni pulao with Raita and Salad
  2. Chicken Veg Rice with Yogurt and a bowl of vegetables
  3. Boiled Rice with Daal/Lobiya/curry
  4. Chapati with Daal with Yogurt and a bowl of vegetables
  5. Chapati with any other curry with Yogurt and a bowl of vegetables
  6. Chicken/Mutton steaks with Mint Chatni
  7. Chicken BBQ with mint chatni

A Fat Cutter Drink

People used to drink tea after dinner, especially in Ramzan. It is recommended to switch to green tea from your regular tea for a 30 days period of Ramzan.

Making green tea is not just to put a tea bag in warm water and drink but to make it more delicious and drinkable follow the steps. You can call this tea a fat cutter drink.


1 Boil 1 1/2 cup of water

2 Add a small piece of ginger, 2 petals of mint, A pinch of Ajwain and Saunf.

3 Boil everything on low to medium flame until 1 cup of water left

4 Pour water in a cup add tea bag, lemon, and honey.


‘Halki Phulki Bhook’

It is surprising that all of us feel ‘halki phulki bhook’ even after dinner. Eat anything between dinner and Sehar is not recommended. If you still feel hungry then drink 2 glasses of water to full your stomach. Add some Basil seeds and honey to make it more delicious. If not, eat some fruits like an apple or guava.

Exercise and Walk

Exercise in Ramzan should be a little bit light. There are lots of apps that help you with light exercises. The best time to exercise in Ramzan is after 1 hour of dinner or before suhoor. Better try to squeeze your workout time to 5-10 minutes.

If you are not into exercise. Don’t force yourself and switch to 15 minutes walk after dinner and before suhoor.

In Ramzan daily prayers are far more important than exercising but guess what?. The Namaz we perform serves as a workout for our body, especially when we pray Maghrib after Iftar, Isha after dinner, and Fajar after Sehar.

Things to Remember

  • Use less amount of Sugar as well as Salt.
  • Drink a glass of Glucose daily.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  • Do not drink cold water at the time of Iftar.
  • A 15-minute daily walk is compulsory if you can’t do exercise.
  • Avoid fried and oily things.
  • Avoid late-night meals.
  • Take a proper 8 hours sleep.
  • Full fill your cravings but with small portions of food.

This sums up our weight loss diet plans for fellas looking for losing weight in the month of Ramzan.


Do you have anything to add to our diet plans? Let us know in the comments section.

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