Ducky Bhai Calls Out Irfan Junejo for His Hypocrisy, Junejo Responds


Now Reading: Ducky Bhai Calls Out Irfan Junejo for His Hypocrisy, Junejo Responds

In the latest installment of Pakistani youtubers going at each other for one reason or the other, we have Saad Rehman aka Ducky Bhai calling out former full-time vlogger and now youtuber for fun – Irfan Junejo – for his hypocrisy. The development came after the latter did not comment on the matter of a famous tik-tok star insulting a fan of his for her skin color even though Junejo was quick to disassociate himself with ducky after his 14th August controversy.

A few days back, a tiktoker named Ali Hyderabadi who has a big fan following recently held an instagram live session in which he invited a fan. Though things went south soon as a child who was with Ali got ‘scared’ on the girl’s complexion. Children don’t know any better but Ali, instead of trying to encourage the girl, he joked about her complexion, called her ‘kali’ and asked her to ‘clean’ her camera as she was ‘scaring’ the child.

Ducky Speaks on the Matter

Unsurprisingly, everyone criticized the tiktoker on his shameful and disgusting behavior, Ducky bhai commented on this situation in a youtube video too. In the video titled “Meet The Most Useless TIKTOKER Of Pakistan | Ali Khan Hyderabadi !!!”, he roasted the tik tok star and criticized the people defending him as well.

Though somewhere along the video, Ducky started talking about Irfan Junejo who had ‘disassociated’ himself from the former. In that section of the video, he called out Junejo for his silence on this matter and the previous ones like Kashmir issue, motorway rape incident etc. all the while speaking up whenever it involved another youtuber.

Ducky made the case that Junejo only speaks up on issues that directly benefit him and doesn’t actually care about not talking on controversial matters like he had said before. He also criticized him on not resolving the earlier situation in private and rather making a post about it. Ducky added that Sham Idrees – who was his enemy for a while – didn’t take advantage of the 14th August situation to hit him while he was down whereas Irfan, who ducky had supported in the past, did.

Here’s the video in question: (About Junejo at 3 minute mark)

Irfan Junejo Responds

Responding to the disses Ducky threw at him in his video, Junejo made a video titled “NOT USING TIKTOK ISSUE TO DISS SOMEBODY ELSE”. As per Junejo, he titled the video this specifically to call out ducky on using one issue to talk on another matter entirely.

In the video, Junejo made the point that if he wanted to make the video anyways, he should have just made it openly. He then called him out on the twitter incident and said that if he is asking Junejo to resolve things in matter, he could have resolved the matter in private with the girl (who was Junejo’s friends) as well without exposing her to his massive fanbase.

He further clarified that he broke his rule of not talking on controversial matters three times. Two when it involved harassers and third is this Ducky instance. Junejo roasted Ducky on the type of content he produces as well. He said that while Irfan himself can confidently say that he hasn’t taken advantage of another youtuber for content, Ducky can’t as he has, on multiple instances (like Sham Idrees, Shahmeer Abbas etc.), used controversies for content.

Lastly, he added that he disassociated with Ducky because he doesn’t want to be related to someone who considers an issue like Transphobia a joke. He clarified that many kids watch Ducky, who will get influenced by his transphobic jokes and that he should realize the implications of his actions.

Here’s his side of the story:

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