Dua Mangi participated in Aurat March 2020 with her savior


Aurat March 2020 was held all over Pakistan. After facing so much criticism, Ladies and supporters of Aurat March still manage to come out of their houses for Aurat Azadi March. 



Among all the people there is a face of Dua Mangi, the girl who was earlier in the headlines of National Television because of her abduction case.



Dua Mangi was in the Aurat March 2020 with her friend Haris Soomro, who risked his life to save Dua. There is a viral picture of Dua and Haris holding a placard with a powerful statement written on it “Zulm karo tum or bolo galti meri?”!



Haris is currently in a wheelchair because while saving Dua from kidnappers. He got a gunshot in his leg and still under treatment.

The world is not a safe place especially for women like Dua Mangi who was kidnapped while roaming around with her friend in DHA Karachi. As per saying, four unknown people kidnapped Dua in a car from a well-known Chai Dhaba of Karachi.

All this scenario of kidnapping was caught in the eye of CCTV camera but still, Police got not enough clues to rescue Dua. After a week when everything about Dua was about to calm, she came back home safely. 

People, out there were curious about this abduction case especially about Dua’s physical conditions. According to her parents and family, Dua was safe and sound but people didn’t stop asking questions about her.


some of them keep accusing her by saying it maybe some sort of Dua’s personal issue in return kidnappers took her. Some blame Dua’s dressing and why she was with a boy late at night.

Many celebrities and eminent personalities of Pakistan took part in Aurat March. It quite exciting to see the women of Pakistan are addressing some ‘real’ issues through this March. Dua was there to support the women who are facing the issue of “victim-blaming”. 



Many of us are appreciating Dua for such courage to stand against the society that blames her.



While others were busy with “Mera Jism Meri Marzi” here is a girl standing with a placard showing the real-life example of women issues.

Indeed, people with a bad mindset are still associating Aurat Azadi March to mere nudity and abortions. But hopes are still high and we have a long way to go.







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