Dua Mangi identifies her kidnappers in the Karachi court


Dua Mangi’s abduction, an awful incident that pushes everyone to an anxious state where they are more concerned about the safety of the girls.



Two suspects Zohaib Qureshi and Muzaffar were arrested out of a gang of five. On March 18th, both kidnappers were arrested by the police from the different areas of the country.

They were found in different areas after raids conducted by the police following the intelligence reports. Both kidnappers were on trial for suspected kidnapping for ransom.

Later on March 23, Dua identified them both at court hearing by saying that they two were along with their accomplices kidnapped her.

After this confirmed identification by Dua, Court had sent them on physical remand for a week, from March 23 to March 31, 2020.

Additional IG Ghulam Nabi Memon said in a press conference that

“Two more suspects are arrested and one of them is a former police officer and a leader of this kidnapping gang”

He further said

“The same gang of five is behind the Dua Mangi and Bisma Saleem’s kidnapping. Moreover, the kidnappers are inspired by the movies of the young girl’s abduction.”



Bisma Saleem, another girl who was kidnapped last year from DHA by the same five kidnappers who kidnapped Dua for ransom.

Dua Mangi, a teenager from Karachi was kidnapped for ransom and remains under the limelight of media for a while. People out there were not only worried about Dua but for why the kidnappers were still roaming the streets of our country freely.

A trial in both cases is yet to begin and people are curious about the verdict of the court. 

As per the Penal Code of Pakistan,

“If a criminal abducts a person for the intent of extorting a valuable asset, they shall be punished by death or life imprisonment.”

Hopefully, Both Dua and Bisma will get justice from the court so they can spend their lives without any fear of Character assassination.







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