DPO Lodhran installs air coolers in the jails for prisoners considering the hot weather

DPO Lodhran installs air coolers in the jails for prisoners considering the hot weather


DPO Lodhran, Syed Karar Hussain orders to install air coolers in jails. This step was taken due to the scorching heat. Further, he directed all police stations across the province to install air coolers in the lock-up to overcome the heat.

Why air coolers are necessary?

As the temperature all over Pakistan is increasing which left many people ill. This hot weather is unsafe for prisoners too as they also have many health conditions. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can cause dehydration and heatstroke, both of which can be fatal. Dehydration can also affect people’s kidneys, liver, heart, brain, and lungs, which can lead to kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.

Most of the prisons suffer from heat-related illnesses. Because they don’t have proper facilities and health conditions to cope up with the heat.  Aging also increases the risk of heat-related illnesses, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases such as asthma.

Structure of Prison Cells

The structure of prison cells can also put inmates at greater risk of heatstroke. However, unlike homes and other buildings, prisons are not ventilated so the temperature rises automatically. Moreover, prisoners are not allowed to stay outside of their cells so they don’t get enough cooling and fresh air to survive this sweltering summer.

Even though these are all criminals but at the end of the day they all are humans. This kind-hearted man took this step and confirmed that humanity is still alive.

What does Islam say about Prisoners?

Surely, DPO Karar Hussain follows the path of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W.). What our Prophet did to the slaves on the occasion of the ‘Battle of Badr’ will continue to be an example to the rest of the world.

Islamic law requires that prisoners be fed and clothed by the person in custody. The Holy Quran cites:

“Prisoners should be fed with dignity, and they should not be forced to beg for mercy. [Qur’an 76: 8]”

Recently, Sub-inspector from KPK adopts a child with special needs. The parents of that child abandoned him but the real hero adopts him and agrees to take good care of the kid. DPO Lodhran Syed Karar Hussain’s initiative is not only commendable but also a lesson for all to learn. This is exactly the thing all officials should do.

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