Donald Trump is impeached in the House of Representatives [Reasons]


Washington: US President Donald Trump has been impeached in the House of Representatives on the charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress. The trial will now continue in Senate to decide whether the US President will remain in the office.

The historic impeachment decision puts Donald Trump along two other Presidents being impeached in US history; Bill Clinton and Andrew Johson.

The house called for votes on the impeached decision on two charges:

  • Abuse of Power: This comes from Donald Trump’s attempt to get Ukraine to announce investigations against his Democratic counterpart Joe Biden.
  • Obstruction of Congress: As President Trump refused to provide any cooperation in the inquiry held for his impeachment by keeping documentary evidence demanded and baring his officials to do so either.

Shortly after the vote, a tweet came out from the office of Donald Trump asking for public support:

Many tweets and arguments from Donald Trump and his family have fired back badly, but a particular one from Donald Trump Jr. at the Impeachment of Bill Clinton has caught the internet after the Donald Trump Impeachment verdict came out:

While Washington is celebrating Donald Trump’s Impeachment and calling it a major victory for Democrats, many are of view that the ‘setback’ has given more grounds to Donald Trump for the US elections 2020.

It has to be noted here, that impeachment is not removal as the final verdict has to be passed at the Senate in January 2020 which has the Republican Majority.

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