Doctors of Haripur uses Drone to supply medicines at the doorstep of vulnerable patients


Pakistan is full of fast-minded and innovative people. The doctors of Haripur DHQ Hospital come up with a wonderful idea of supplying medicines to patients in the time of lockdown by using a drone.

They decide to deliver the medicines to those who have weak immunity against Coronavirus.


The 15 doctors at the Haripur DHQ Hospital bought a drone. They have taken the initiative of offering a telemedicine service. The purpose of this service is to encourage people to stay home.

While talking to media one the doctor said:

“People with eye, heart and kidney-related diseases are already immuno-compromised and we don’t want them to come to the hospital as we already are treating some COVID-19 patients”

Besides supplying medicines, Doctors have also decided to offer free of cost telemedicine services during this pandemic.

How to get this service?

The method to get this service is quite simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. If any immuno-compromised patient is not feeling well, he/she has to make a call to the hospital.
  2. Tell the doctors about the problems and symptoms.
  3. Write down your address to the doctor
  4. The doctor will send the required medicines at your doorstep using Drone service.

The MS DHQ Hospital stated that if any of patient is not able to afford the necessary medicines because of the economic impact of the lockdown. They are all allowed to call and inform the hospital. The hospital will surely provide them with essential medicines free of cost.

The decision to provide free service to those in need is a good one. In this manner, people will be encouraged to stay at home.

People on social media are appreciating this adorable step taken by the doctors.

Some of them are feeling proud to be a Haripurian.

It should be appreciated that how well doctors are using the technology to save lives of patients amid Coronavirus. The government of Pakistan must support such initiatives and try to implement it all over Pakistan.

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