Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life


Diriliş:Ertuğrul is a Turkish drama serial which had been originally screened in 2014 but has recently received a tonne of attention and appreciation. The original series is quite lengthy with more than 400 episodes but its attention to detail and mesmerizing story-line has made it very hard to ignore. It gained popularity in Pakistan especially after PM Imran Khan recommended the series to Pakistani people as it is laden with Islamic ancient history and epic heroes of Islam.

The one thing that makes this production one of a kind is its super brilliant Turkish cast. The entire cast has exhibited extraordinary and intense performances, suiting well with the main theme of the drama which revolves around Islamic rulers fighting for their rights and defending their land and religion. So we took a dive into the characters’ real life and what they are actually like.

Here are ‘Diriliş:Ertuğrul’ characters in real life:

1. Ertuğrul Ghazi: Engin Altan Düzyatan

Ertuğrul Ghazi is the central character of the entire series and also the most loved one. This character has been performed by Engin Altan, a Turkish film artist. In the series, he is the third son of Suleyman Shah and has three sons namely Gündüz Alp, Savci Bey, and Osman Gazi I. His son Osman Gazi I later turned out to be the founder of the legendary Ottoman Empire which ruled the world for 6 centuries.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

Engin Altan has had a successful history of playing very serious and important roles in Turkish dramas and motion films. His efforts in the motion film ‘Bir Avuc Deniz’ were appreciated with a Los Angeles Movie Award for Best Actor a few years ago. Engin in real life is quite a charming personality with a beautiful family. He has a wife to whom he has been happily married for the last 5 years and they have a cute baby boy together.

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2. Halime Sultan: Esra Bilgiç

Halima Sultan is the character that showers elegance and beauty on the show. This graceful character is the wife of Ertugral and mother of three sons in the drama. She has been displayed as one very loyal and faithful wife who stands with her husband in times of need. She is also known to have a profound impact on the women of her tribe when a time of crisis arises.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

This character has been performed by a well-known Turkish artist Esra Bilgiç who has made it to the top of industry because of her apt balance between natural beauty and sheer acting skills. She is one lively human being in real life and likes to stay active on social media. She often posts her photos and videos of herself at the beach, which points out her liking for beaches and water.

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3. Gokche Hatun: Burcu Kıratli

Gokche Hatun has been shown as the adopted daughter of Suleyman Shah, father of Ertugral. Gokche falls in love with Ertugral and wants to marry him, but fails to be successful despite her efforts and convincing. However, she still plays a positive roll throughout the drama and her layered character gives a new dimension to the entire production.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

This character has been played by the labelled Turkish Goddess Burcu Kiratli. She is one beautiful actress and has performed in many Turkish dramas and films. She is a fashion geek in reality and often wears exotic outfits. Also, she apparently is a huge fan of tourism and exploring different cities. She has expressed her liking for art and craft often and her friends once told in a livestream that shopping with her is very hard because she is picky.

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4. Turgut Alp: Cengiz Coşkun

Turgut Alp is another lead character throughout the drama serial. He has been shown as One of the three Alps of Ertuğrul, along with Bamsi Beyrek and Doğan Alp who were his blood brothers. His character arc and story-line is very well designed and has lead to a very big fan-base of his character.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

Cengiz Coskun is the one playing this character and he is one experienced and talented actor. He specializes in roles where he has to perform war battles and invasions. Just recently, he has been on a production of some new motion serial revolving around use of swords and katanas.

5. Gündoğdu Bey: Kaan Taşaner

This is where the pessimists come into play. Gündoğdu is a negative role although he is the brother of Ertugral in drama serial. His character growth is very interesting and he drives the entire drama forward in one way or another. His vibe in the production is very specific and well-elaborated in context to history.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

Kaan Tasaner is rather new to this industry relative to other actors performing in the series. Yet he has has managed to put on a display of acting skills of a villain like noone else. Kaan tends to stay off of social media most of the times and likes to live a peaceful life in suburbs of Turkey. Ertugral Ghazi is his best work for a while.

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6. Suleyman Shah: Serdar Gökhan

Suleyman Shah is the father of Ertugral, Gündoğdu, Sungurtekin, and Dündar, and also the  grandfather of our Islamic hero Osman Gazi I. He is the founder of the Kayi tribe in the drama and plays one of the key roles in providing momentum with his father figure. The old aged character provides a unique paradigm to the series with his experience and wisdom.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

This character has been played by Serdar Gökhan who is one of the most experienced Turkish actors in the industry. He is quite old but literally a treasure of experience. He is famous for being helpful on set and likes to collaborate a lot. He has performed in many dramas and high grossing movies over the time.

7. Hayma Hatun: Hülya Korel Darcan

Hayma Hatun is the mother of Ertugral and wife of Suleyman Shah. She plays a very important role throughout the drama. She is considered to be one of the leading characters of the entire show. Her story arc has been infused creatively with the major theme of the drama.

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

Hülya Korel Darcan is considered as the Queen of Turkish entertainment industry. She has been in business since the 1970s and has survived all backlashes and works to this day. Undoubtedly, Ertugral Ghazi is her best work. Surprisingly, she likes to keep her Instagram profile private. 

Diriliş:Ertuğrul Characters In Real Life

These were some major Diriliş:Ertuğrul characters in real life. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


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