Did You Know That Esra Belgic aka Halime Sultan Ended Her Marriage In JUST 10 Minutes?


The Turkish historical fiction and adventure TV series – Diriliş: Ertuğrul / Ertuğrul Ghazi – has taken Pakistan by storm and since its release, has become a massive hit. Along with becoming a social media sensation, the show has also broken multiple records ever since the beginning of its airing.

One of Ertugrul’s biggest selling points was its massively packed cast. All of the Turkish actors displayed acting of the highest caliber. (Learn more about them here) In particular, Esra Belgic – portraying the compelling character of Halime Sultan – has become a focus for the Pakistani fans.

After having people glare in to her private life in efforts to connect with the actress more and being involved in controversies, another aspect of Esra’s life has come to the public’s attention. We now know but, did you know that the actress ended her 2 years marriage in only 10 minutes last year?

Marriage and breakup with Football star – Gökhan Töre

Back in October 2017, the Ertugrul actress married the professional footballer – Gökhan Töre. Esra and Gokhan started dating in 2014 and continued as such till 2017. On 21st October of 2017, the Turkish actress and footballer made their vows in the presence of Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan.


Sitting at the wedding table, the then-wedded couple made their sincere vows. “I didn’t know anything about football until I met Gökhan. Now we watch the matches together. I am PROUD to be married to a successful football player”, said Esra. Gokhan reciprocated her feelings.

Fast forward to June 2019, the couple broke up after a two year long marriage. Esra renounced all her vows and property claims against the footballer in a court meeting. In return, the spouse did the same and said that he had no complains whatsoever about his wife.

As a result, the court made a quick judgement and Esra and Gokhan finished their two-year long marriage in just 10 minutes.

Reason For The Break Up

After around two years being happily married, it seems that the reason for such a hasty decision was the husband’s infidelity. Apparently, the couple was having disagreements of the while and the revelation of Gokhan’s disloyalty was the nail in the coffin. This led to Esra aka Halime getting a divorce from her spouse.

As of now, the Turkish actress is still enjoying her single status. On the other hand, the football star married architect – Buket Büyükdere – in February 2020.

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