Did Nairobi Play The Role Of A Telugu Woman?

Did Nairobi Play The Role Of A Telugu Woman?


Reading Now: Did Nairobi Play The Role Of A Telugu Woman?

Nairobi is the undisputed favorite character from the world famous web series Money Heist. This interesting character has been played by the brilliant and versatile Spanish actress Alba Flores. She managed to cultivate a fan-base of millions of people by putting up a display of one of the most unique characters ever in a crime thriller. Her fans were devastated when her character arc was brought to such an unexpected and tragic end.

Did Nairobi Play The Role Of A Telugu Woman?

But recently, her die-hard fans have dug the world of internet deep enough to find out one of her less renowned performances. The fans found a Spanish movie named “Vicente Ferrer”, directed by Agustin Crespi. In the movie, Alba Flores has interestingly played the role of a desi Indian woman, speaking fluent Telugu.

Vicente Ferrer – The Movie

Vicente Ferrer from 2013 has recently accumulated fame because of everyone’s favorite, Alba Flores’s inclusion. The movie is based around a man who wants to end poverty, hunger and wilderness from the barren dusty land of India. However, finding himself not capable enough to sort the issues out with peace, he resorts to the game of action, in a quest to complete his mission.

The versatile actress has played the role of a woman named Shamira in the movie. The origin of her character is from Ananthapuram from the land of Anthrapradesh. In the movie, Alba Flores can be seen speaking in Telugu quite fluently and it does not seem like she struggles with the accent either. This sheer amount of talent and diversity is nowadays rare to find in the entertainment industry.

This video has caught the attention of her fan-base on the internet. It went viral within a few hours gathering more than 800k views with more than 9k likes. People seem to have a sentimental attachment to Alba Flores by now – because of her extraordinary bit of acting for the web series La Casa De Papel or Money Heist.

Reaction From Indian Side

Her fans from India have been losing their sanity because they could never expect such a talented actress displaying one of their diverse ethnicities. Indian fans have taken the YouTube comments’ section by storm expressing their delight and opinions.

Did Nairobi Play The Role Of A Telugu Woman?

Alba Flores is unambiguously one of the most versatile and diverse actresses at the moment. She has accumulated most of her fame playing a side roll and has performed extremely challenging characters. And this is barely the start of her career. What she has in store for her fans in the coming time, remains a pleasant mystery.

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