Dhoni’s 6-Year Old Daughter Receives Rape Threats for His Bad IPL Performance


Now Reading: Dhoni’s 6-Year Old Daughter Receives Rape Threats for His Bad IPL Performance

Albeit being a pathetic practice, it is nothing new for people to turn on even the most favorite of their players after a bad match or two. Trolling players is a common reaction from these so-called “fans” but the latest such case has left everyone speechless and disgusted at the nature of these “trolls”.

Following Chennai Super Kings losing a match to Kolkata Knight Riders in the latest edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), disappointed fans of the team took to social media to express their feelings. The main target of their comments this time was the Indian World Cup-winning captain – Mahinder Singh Dhoni – as he couldn’t perform up to par with his standards.

Some of these comments from the disappointed ‘fans’ absolutely crossed the line as they not only hurled abuse at Dhoni himself but also involved his family. Ridiculing and threatening them, some disgusting comments even issued rape threats to his wife AND six-year old daughter!


Despite Dhoni’s performance not being as per his usual standards, there is no doubt that no one has the right to abuse him and his family like this, or any player’s for that matter. Rape threats for ANY individual should not be tolerated. As such, fans as well as other cricketers widely criticized this disgusting behavior and called on cybercrime to respond.

India’s Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) Vice President condemned this behavior as well and demanded action against the culprits behind these threats. He also stated:  “Cricket should only be seen as a medium of entertainment, but people are going beyond it, keeping others modesty on stake. This is really unfortunate.”

Teenager Arrested for Posting Vile Comments

For allegedly posting these threats, a 16-year-old boy was arrested on Sunday by the Indian Police. The Police told an Indian media outlet that the boy was detained for questioning on the matter on which he later confessed. “The class 12 student from Namna Kapaya village was detained for questioning in connection with a disgusting threat message that was posted on the Instagram account of Mr. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni a few days back,” said the police.


“We detained him for questioning after Ranchi police informed us that the accused hails from Mundra in Kutch district. We have also confirmed that the boy is the same who had posted the message. He will be handed over to Ranchi police as the FIR was lodged in that city,” assured the police that the boy is indeed one of the culprits of the cybercrime.

Security of Dhoni’s Farmhouse Enhanced

As the threats were of rape and physical violence, in response, security of Dhoni’s Ranchi farm got an overhaul. The Ranchi police has become alert and is patrolling the premises of the farmhouse regularly along with deploying static force. The cyber cell department is also continuing to try to find out the people who had posted the deplorable comments. A police statement said;

“Frequency of patrolling near Dhoni’s farmhouse has been increased. We are keeping a close watch on the movement of suspicious elements near the house. In addition to that a squad has also been kept reserve at a certain distance from his farmhouse to deal with any exigency. A number of static force, which already was deployed in and around his farmhouse, has also been increased,”

Regardless of the reason, no one has the right to make such comments on someone else’s family and the culprits should be punished by the authorities. Pakistani or not doesn’t matter as this disgusting behavior shouldn’t be encouraged anywhere!


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