DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar Warns India To Not Play With Fire

DG ISPR Babar Iftikhar Warns India To Not Play With Fire


Major General Babar Iftikhar who is Pakistani military’s chief spokesman  recently warned India to “not play with fire”,  He also said that any military violation from India will cause “uncontrollable and unintended consequences”.

Speaking to a private TV channel Babar said:

Being a military spokesperson, let me say this: Indian aggression aimed towards Pakistan will be responded [to] with full might, there should be no doubt about this. We are ready, we will respond and we will respond with full might. This year alone, 1,229 ceasefire violations have taken place, seven civilians have been martyred and more than 90 have been injured.

He also said that India’s  drones(quadcopters) have trespassed the Pakistani boundary (line of Control) and we’ve shot few down. But still Indian media blame Pakistan for the illegal spy entry through various modes.

Which I think leaves a question mark on their capabilities – despite such a well-guarded LoC and counter-infiltration measures, how can someone infiltrate one of the most militarized zones in the world?

He also said that  the Indian military has deployed artillery  in the civilian population, so if Pakistan took an action of counter-bombardment, it would target the innocent Kashmiri civilians in the occupied Kashmir. He mentioned that Pakistani Army is dealing with the Indian violations and responding them in the same area next to Line of Control (LOC).

But we are always trying not to harm civilians living on the other side. The people of occupied Kashmir are becoming targets of Indian aggression. Women and children are also included in them. Indian security forces have also not spared innocent seven-year-olds.

Babar Iftikhar continued that India faced great humiliation in the recent military standoff with China, They also faced map issues with Nepal.

“India is meddling in issues where it doesn’t even have a border.”

There is an emergence of Islamophobia in India. Even many countries including the United States has objected to this problem. Now they [India] think the best way out of this situation is to divert the attention towards Pakistan. – He continued

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