#DeportAllRefugees Trends As Pakistanis Demand Deportation Of Afghans


Now Reading: #DeportAllRefugees Trends As Pakistanis Demand For Deportation Of Afghan Refugees 

It is no secret that Pakistan houses a large number of Afghan refugees. This housing of the refugees started when approximately 3 million arrived to Pakistan during the 1980s Soviet war due to the civil war and mess in Afghanistan. Guests are Allah’s blessing but if they overstay their welcome, they become a burden. Same is the case with the Afghan refugees housed in Pakistan right now. Thus, Pakistanis have started to demand the country’s government to deport all the refugees and send them back to their homes.


With over two hundred and twenty thousands tweets, #DeportAllRefugees has been trending on twitter all day and it is being make sure the demand for the refugees’ deportation does not go unheard.

Afghan Citing a recently resurfaced statement from COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa, many users from Pakistan have expressed their demand for this deportation.

There were also those who argued that now that the war is over in Afghanistan, they should go back to their own country. This user also stated that the refugees are not grateful and are instead involved in trash talking the country they are living in.

While some others asked the government to stop giving Afghan refugees UNHCR protocol and not extend their stay period like last year. “Go Afghan Go” is also being chanted for this purpose.

Why Is The Trend So Heavily Supported?

According to the UN Refugees Agency, Pakistan currently hosts 1.4 million Afghan Refugees. For a country such as Pakistan that is not yet developed anyways, it is impossible to keep providing to these refugees as well. The richest countries on the planet – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. have blocked immigration, migration & refuge. Pakistan is a poor country and can’t afford outsiders anymore. The opportunities and resources that should go to natives is getting distributed among the refugees.

Furthermore, the crime rate is highest among the immigrants. They are a security threat, economic liability on Pakistan and have been repeatedly Involved in crimes of heinous nature and drug trafficking along with arms smuggling, vehicle thefts, and grabbing, target killing and terrorism. Moreover, many refugees register themselves with fake Pakistani CNIC and don’t count as refugees anymore. The time for the refugees’ stay was supposed to end in June last year but got extended. This stay is going to end on June 30th of this year but will not affect any refugees who have falsely registered.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance that investigations take place and refugees be deported from the country.


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