Delhi violence-43 found dead as more and more bodies are found


The death toll in New Delhi reached 43, according to the health officials of GTB Hospital. India’s capital is facing the worst religious violence of times.

This survival war of Muslims starts when the Indian government implements the new discriminatory Citizenship Law (CAA). In that Law, the Indian government clearly hits minorities and force them to leave their residents.

Sources have affirmed that more than 200 people are injured and there have been many injured out there that have not been taken to the hospital yet.

New Delhi is under serious Hindu-Muslim clash. Mobs armed with stones, sticks, and rods running on roads for their basic rights. Delhi police are unable to control the situation yet. Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, called for the army to be deployed and for a curfew to be imposed over flashpoint northeastern districts.

The public and the opposition are blaming the Modi government for all the riots. The main opposition leader Sonia Gandhi sought the resignation of Home Minister Amit Shah for failing to control the deadly violence.

Furthermore, Modi has been criticized for not taking action on time. People accused him of hosting US President Donald Trump as the violence continued. Later on, Modi ask people to stay calm.

“I appeal to my sisters and brothers of Delhi to maintain peace and brotherhood at all times. It is important that there is calm and normalcy is restored at the earliest,” he tweeted.

All the offices and schools are closed from the day of protest. Residents of Delhi’s Northeast district are afraid to send their kids outside of the house. One of the citizens said” we are not even safe in our homes how can we send our kids to school. It’s risky and dangerous”.

The Court has rebuked Delhi Police for failing to act “professionally” to check the violence in north-east Delhi. Justice S Murlidhar said 

“We cannot have another 1984 under the watch of this court and under the watch of all of you”.



Prime Minister Imran Khan says the global community should take steps to stop Modi’s atrocities and racism. The systematic massacre of Muslims in New Delhi continues with the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. 


PM assures the security of minorities of Pakistan by saying 

“I want to warn our people that anyone in Pakistan targeting our non-Muslim citizens or their places of worship will be dealt with strictly. Our minorities are equal citizens of this country.”


Newspapers are full of the stories of victims, many of them were innocents. Doctors from the hospital say “Many of them died due to gunshot others died due to injuries caused by stabbing, stone hitting, and other physical assaults”.

A 22-year-old rickshaw driver Shahid died due to gunshot in his stomach. He has married four months ago. He was not the protestor but coming back to his 2 months pregnant wife Shazia.

Labor from Bihar, who considers Delhi his home died at the age of 28 while the communal riots. The eye witness was kept calling the police for a hundred times but no one comes for their help. He was poor labor who earns to send back money to his home in Bihar.

Nazeem, a 35-year-old, has left behind six children and a wife. His dead body is still in hospital for autopsy. Doctors and police at the GTB hospital have been non-committal about when the autopsy will be conducted. They are not even returning the body for burial.



At least 43 people have now been killed in the violence, according to a health official cited by local media. The death toll was given by Sunil Kumar, the medical superintendent of Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, where many of the victims have been brought for treatment.






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