Daniel Pearl: Parents Of The Murdered US Journalist File Appeal In Pakistan

Daniel Pearl: Parents Of The Murdered US Journalist File Appeal In Pakistan


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Pakistan is considered to be one of the most dangerous countries for journalists all around the world. Ranking at 142 from the list of 180 countries, there is a reason to Pakistan’s unfortunate standing in the global community. Our country has had a rough past when it comes to providing a safe haven and security to tourists and foreign journalists. Extremist organizations and communities trying to paint a false and lethal image of Pakistan have played a critical role in worsening the country’s stature.

One unfortunate victim of target killing is Daniel Pearl, a US based journalist. Daniel was on to revealing certain kingpins of terrorism and some extremist organizations based in Karachi which were trying to spread terrorism around the globe under the facade of preaching Islam. He had found a link between Richard Reid, the shoe bomber and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a terrorist from 9/11 attacks. Sadly, Daniel Pearl was abducted in 2002 and a video of his beheading was sent to the US Consulate.

Daniel Pearl: Parents Of The Murdered Journalist File Appeal In Pakistan
An Actual Image From The Footage Received At The US Consulate

Daniel Pearl’s Murder Case

Daniel Pearl was one bold journalist who had revealed many sensitive organizations in the past too. In 2002, he was investigating the link between Islamic militants in Karachi and Richard Reid, who could have been responsible for one the most brutal air crashes caused as a result of terrorism. Luckily, Richard could not detonate the bomb because of passengers’ attentiveness. However, it was reported that the British criminal was actually being sponsored and guided by extremist terrorist organizations present in Karachi, presumably under the command of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Daniel Pearl: Parents Of The Murdered Journalist File Appeal In Pakistan
Richard Reid – British Terrorist

After the confirmed death of US journalist, the American president at the time pressed the Pakistani government to take immediate and adequate remedial actions for justice. After a swift breakthrough, Pakistani officials arrested Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, more commonly known as Sheikh to the world. He was introduced to body remand and torture after which he confessed his heinous crime.

The world was not unknown to Sheikh at the time of his capture as well. He was already notorious for his participation in the September 2001 attacks and was under the most wanted list. Sheikh confessed that he and a team of three other members performed the job of killing Daniel Pearl because of his undesirable intervention. Sheikh’s partner, Khalid showed no remorse while telling that he personally beheaded the journalist.

Daniel Pearl: Parents Of The Murdered Journalist File Appeal In Pakistan
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh

Court’s Verdict Against The Terrorists

Back in 2002, High Court of Pakistan announced death penalty for Sheikh as he was the mastermind of the plan. Rest of the three partners were served a lifetime in jail. However, just last month, High Court of Pakistan overturned its decision of death penalty for Sheikh. Rather it announced 7 years in jail just for the kidnapping and the rest of the members were acquitted and bailed out altogether.

This came as a shock to the entire world because one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world was being acquitted of his punishment and was on the verge of being independent again.

Appeal By Daniel Pearl’s Parents

Parents of the unfortunate journalist’s went straight into action and filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to revoke the decision of the High Court. They said that they did not care only about their son and their justice, but the fact that such murderous minds would proceed to roam around freely would put everyone’s safety to jeopardy. Right after the appeal, all the culprits were arrested again are to be held captive for 3 months until the appeal is finally heard by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Even before Daniel’s parents filed an appeal, Sindh Government had already swung into action and they also filed an appeal against the latest verdict, an act that is being highly commended.

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