Curve Is Finally Flattening! Says PM Imran Before Realising Chart Is Upside Down

Curve Is Finally Flattening! Says PM Imran Before Realising Chart Is Upside Down


In today’s world of hysteria and disorientation, people have been looking up to their governments and elected representatives for hopeful news and proper guidance. However in Pakistan, PM Imran’s government is far away from taking any remedial steps for people to invest their trust in. Pakistan is already home to more than 24,000 cases of COVID-19 and the numerical figures are expected to rise with a steep curve in coming days. To add injury to insult, the government has not been shy of putting up a display of ridiculous behavior throughout the stretch of pandemic in Pakistan.

Just yesterday on Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan excitedly reported to a room full of journalists and people that the curve of corona’s effects is finally flattening. Only for a few seconds till Kheshgi whispered in his ear the fact that he was holding the graph upside down. This irresponsible and unrealistic move by the PM depicts many things – and they are scary.

What Went Down?

Prime Minister Imran Khan did a press conference on Wednesday addressing the media and public masses. He reported happily with a paper in his hand that the corona curve was finally flattening. He considered it an achievement for himself and his government that they had managed to take adequate steps in time which had managed to effectively control the pandemic. He used the paper in his hand to build the basis for his proof that his strategy of smart lock-down had worked very well.

But all his excitement was bound to go in vain. When the political aide Kheshgi whispered something in PM Imran’s ear, his mood took a steep swing and he was found lost for words. His words actually depict his state of mind at the time very well. “Oh, I am sorry, I had thought,” said the PM. “This does not seem to be…..I do not think, well, if…I mean that is one way of looking at it but there is also another way of looking at it, if you…no, I mean.”

Curve Is Finally Flattening! Says PM Imran Before Realising Chart Is Upside Down

This can prove to be a very important lead to the fact that the executive himself is oblivious of the effects of the pandemic and relies on “on the spot” data rather than the data being discussed in his cabinet meetings. After this, a lay man can question whether the government is serious in controlling the pandemic at all and does it even discuss what is going on? Because as it appears, the government is relying more on paper documents rather than the ground reality. If PM Imran were to be updated, he would never claim the flattening of curve just by looking at a paper, which he was holding upside down.

The Aftermath

The aftermath is nothing short of bizarre as well. Just after a short while from the press conference, the government issued a statement in which Kheshgi, the political aide who had corrected Imran Khan in holding his documents erect, was relieved of his post and fired. The reason mentioned in the statement was that he was charged with corruption in some area. This comes as a great surprise to the people. Why would Kheshgi be fired just after he corrected the prime minister if he was already charged of corruption behind the scenes? Event’s place in time is throwing some serious shade and speculation on the government.

Government’s Incessant History Of Mistakes

PTI government has had a troubled history when it comes to sharing facts with the people of Pakistan. Ranging from the statistics to the condition of hospitals under stress, there are just too many slip of tongues on the pedestal by government representatives to ignore or to be taken lightly. This critical and uncertain time demands confidence and clarity of mind on behalf of government so that people may not feel helpless.

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