Cristiano Ronaldo suspected for coronavirus after teammate tests positive


Coronavirus News: Serie A champion Juventus is coping up with the coronavirus outbreak, while a teammate tested positive for COVID-19 in Italy with Cristiano Ronaldo back home in Portugal.

The news of Rugani’s infection was confirmed on the website of Juventus, saying he was “currently asymptomatic.”

On Wednesday, Daniele Rugani was tested positive for COVID19 just days after he posted a picture of him with his team including a shirtless Ronaldo. Daniele Rugani shared a dressing room when his team beat Inter Milan 2-0 behind closed doors.


Cristiano Ronaldo flew to Portugal to visit his sick mom but now has to stay there until any further announcement and have to self-isolate for two weeks. 

Ronaldo is currently living on the top two floors of his luxury seven-story home with the fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean in his native Madeira with its rooftop pool.

He has also visited his mum in hospital. While visiting, he said to worn protective clothes with gloves and a face mask for the sake of safety.

It has been reported that the Serie A side has confirmed it is

“activating all the isolation procedures required by law, including those who have had contact with him.”

Sources have affirmed that Juventus decides that

“Cristiano Ronaldo has not trained and remains in Madeira awaiting developments with the current health crisis.”

Besides this,

“Juventus Football Club is currently activating all the isolation procedures required by law, including those who have had contact with him,” the statement declared.


Inter Milan stated that

“The Club is currently taking steps to put all the necessary procedures into place and until then it was suspending all the matches.”

Rugani tweeted on Thursday confirming his diagnosis. “You will have read the news and that’s why I want to reassure all those who are worrying about me, I’m fine.”

Further, he said “I urge everyone to respect the rules because this virus makes no distinctions!” he added. “Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones and those around us.”


Serie A has been postponed until April 3 after Giuseppe Conte; Italy’s Prime Minister issued a country-wide lockdown including a ban on public gatherings.

According to the reports of the Civil Protection Agency at least 168 people had died in the past 24 hours which leads the death toll to 631.

After China, Italy is taking second place on the point table with the 15,113 cases of COVID19.



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