COVID-19 experts think ablution has protected Muslims from the Coronavirus


Coronavirus News: We used to think that it is obligatory to perform ablution before prayers, but now we will know its advantages. Experts from London reported that Ablution has protected Muslims in England from the COVID-19.

Professor Richard Webber from Newcastle University and former Labour Party politician Trevor Phillips reported that

“Muslims in the UK are less vulnerable to the virus due to performing ablution 5 times a day. When Muslims cleanse thmselves through ablution, the risk of the virus reduced.”

Facts and Stats

Large numbers of minorities live in areas of England that are worst affected by the coronavirus. But there are very few cases reported in the Muslim community belonging to such areas as compared to other ethnic groups.

According to the report, “There is a visible absence of Muslim communities on the list of people affected by COVID-19.

Experts further explain this dilemma by giving an example of the Tower Hamlets in central London. They said, “The Muslim population in the Tower Hamlets is in majority, which is why their reported cases of COVID-19 are less in numbers as compared to other adjoining areas.”

The statistics show that Muslims in many parts of the UK are less affected. However, it is not certain that it is due to the cultural practices of Muslims.

On the other hand, the official data suggests that BAM communities are at greater risk of being infected. Not only they have people-facing jobs but also multiple generations are living together.

Besides ablution five times a day before prayers, Just 1 out of 3 Muslim women being employed and young average age are two other factors that help in lowering the risk of virus. These factors have played a significant role in guarding Muslims against the virus.

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