Court Awards Six Death Sentences to Chunian Child Rapist And Murderer


Now Reading: Court Awards Six Death Sentences to Chunian Child Rapist And Murderer

An Anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Lahore has awarded six death sentences on three counts in two cases to a convict for kidnapping, raping and murdering four minor boys in Chunian. Convicted criminal, Sohail Shehzad, was handed two life imprisonment sentences and six death penalties with a fine of 2 million rupees (total six million rupees now).

As per details, the ATC Judge – Muhammad Iqbal – at conducted the trial proceedings at Kot Lakhpat Jail and announced this verdict of death penalties, life imprisonments and an additional 400,000 rupees (excluding the Rs. 2 million fine) as compensation to the legal heirs of each of his victim after recording the statements of the accused and the prosecution witnesses under section 342 of Pakistan Penal Code. Sohail proved guilty in the murder cases of 9-year old Salman and 12-year-old Imran.


The Sohail Shehzad rapist case was registered last year in the Chunian city of district Kasur in Punjab as a case of child abuse and murder against the accused in the city’s police station under special provisions of terrorism. This case was started after four children, ranging from ages eight to twelve, had gone missing from the city back in June of 2019. Later, remains of these missing minors, who were brutally murdered after being raped, were recovered by the police.

After searching far and wide, the Punjab police and other law-enforcement agencies arrested the accused, Sohail Shahzad, aged 27 then on 1st Oct. 2019, after his DNA matched a hundred percent with the samples collected from the body of one of the victims. As all of the minors went missing from the same region i.e. the city of Chunian, Sohail was arrested on the charges of kidnapping, raping and killing Imran (12), Salman (9), Ali Hasnain and Faizan, (both 8 years).


Following the arrest, the rapist was found guilty in one of the four cases registered against him last year in December in trial proceedings conducted by Judge Muhammad Iqbal in an Anti-terrorism court (ATC) then too. In that proceeding, he was fined 3 million rupees, making the total fine to be paid become more than 6 million. In case of failure to pay compensation and fine, his already declared life imprisonment sentences will be extended further. That’s not to say that the six death penalties don’t stand.

It is no doubt that the public outrage on the recent motorway incident has very rightfully so forced the courts to execute much harsher punishments on rapists. This is how things should be too, more so after Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has suggested for either hanging the rapists publicly or chemically castrating them.

Hopefully, these are not just punishments on paper and are actually carried out, becoming examples for other beasts like Sohail out there.


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