Coronavirus Update: Scientists Have a Major Breakthrough in Coronavirus Cure

Coronavirus Update: Scientists Have a Major Breakthrough in Coronavirus Cure


Corona-virus pandemic has had a great toll on the global health and economic conditions. Scientists and health experts have been working day and night desperately in an attempt to find out a cure for the increasingly growing viral disease. Amid all this attempts, it has been reported that in Australia, scientists have a major breakthrough in coronavirus cure for the world to cling on.

Ivermectin – A Potential Lifesaver

Monash University in Melbourne Australia conducted a series of tests in which an anti-parasitic drug, namely, Ivermectin was introduced to the coronavirus cells. Ivermectin acted in a way that it rendered the RNA of virus completely dysfunctional in less than just 48 hours. As a result, the ability of the virus to cause further infection was nullified. The way Ivermectin managed to perform in such a way still remains a mystery though, with scientists being unable to answer the effect of it on virus cells.

Coronavirus Update: Scientists Have a Major Breakthrough in Coronavirus Cure

Ivermectin is majorly used in the making of anti-parasitic medicines, especially anti-HIV, anti-influenza, anti-dengue and anti-lice medicines. The scientists have yet to devise the correct dosage for human body in a way that it does not affect other body cells in a harmful way. Bio-statistics experts suggest that the practical concentration  of the medicine for patients will be available much sooner than any vaccine for coronavirus.

Potential Effective Medicine Prior to Ivermectin

Before Ivermectin, the medicine under the spotlight was Chloroquine, which is an anti-malarial medicine. According to scientists, it functioned in a way that it inhibited the coronavirus cells to enter the body host cells. In this context, Ivermectin may prove to be more favorable and effective because unlike Chloroquine, it destroys the virus cells inside the body host cells.

Coronavirus Update: Scientists Have a Major Breakthrough in Coronavirus Cure

Also, Chloroquine is not an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved drug for COVID-19 as it has a proven effect for malaria, rheumatoid only. FDA was hesitant and demanded time for the approval of the medicine to be used globally as an official drug for the novel virus.

 Hopes and Expectations

The scientists in Melbourne have told the world that in a time like this, when the entire world is in a crisis, discovering an already existing compound that can effectively help fight the disease is very encouraging to the scientific community. Synthesis of a completely new compound with custom requirements is one hell of a job demanding unmentionable resources and funds along with an immense stretch in time.

They believe that at their best, it would take at least a month to conduct human trials with Ivermectin as they are struggling to determine the correct dosage for a patients so as not to make it toxic. Before Ivermectin can be put into shelves as the front-line defense against COVID-19, a large funding and pre-clinical testing is required. They have issued an urge for funds to their own government and the governments of the entire world to help raise funds for the noble and potentially fruitful cause.

Let’s hope that scientists manage a way to rid us of this dangerous virus and normalize our joyful lives.


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