Coronavirus: Shocking Scientific Studies Suggests Smoking May Protect Against The Virus


Coronavirus: Shocking Scientific Study Suggests Smoking May Protect Against The Virus.

Smoking – the bad habit which is extremely harmful for the lungs – should only spell disaster if combined with coronavirus – the respiratory disease that attacks the lungs. Shockingly, recent scientific studies have suggested that smoking may actually provide protection against the virus.

Scientific Studies By Experts

David Hockney’s Claim

World famous artist – David Hockney – first made the claim that smoking is beneficial against coronavirus. He, being a smoker himself, said; “Could it not be that smokers have developed an immune system to this virus? With all these figures coming out, it’s beginning to look like that to me.’

Everyone rejected his claims as being delusional, bogus and rubbish. But now with all the researches being conducted, the claims might not be bogus at all.

Professor Francois’ Research

Professor Francois Balloux — one of the leading viral disease experts at University College, London — stated that there is “bizarrely strong” proof for the claim that smoking might be helpful against the virus.

Other Studies

Aside from this, a study was conducted by America’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The study analysed over 7000 people who tested positive for the virus. It revealed that only 1.3 percent of the test subjects were smokers. This was surprising because a previous study by the CDC found out that 14 percent of all Americans are smokers.

Studies conducted by Chinese researchers also showed that the percentage of non-smokers affected by the virus was far higher than smokers. Researchers from New York University, and the University of West Attica in Greece analysed 13 of these Chinese reports later.

The sample size for the reports combined was 5,300 patients. Astonishingly, only 6.5 percent of patients across the entire sample were smokers despite the fact that half of all men in the country still smoke. After completing their analysis of the reports, the researchers said;

“This preliminary analysis does not support the argument that current smoking is a risk factor for hospitalization for COVID-19. Instead, these consistent observations, which are further emphasised by the low prevalence of current smoking among COVID-19 patients in the US (1.3 per cent), raises the hypothesis that nicotine may have beneficial effects on COVID-19.”

It is important to note that the analysis does have some limitations, as admitted by the researchers. Because the studies haven’t yet been reviewed by other scientists and the limitation of the avaiable data, there are still doubts. The researchers themselves said, “The accuracy of the recorded smoking status needs to be determined.” 

Professor Balloux’ Review

Professor Francois Balloux came across this research and after reviewing it, commented;

“Whilst the study design is far from perfect – and the authors are clear about its limitations – the evidence for a protective effect of smoking (or nicotine) against COVID-19 is bizarrely strong. Actually far stronger than for any drug trialed at this stage.”

Negation Of The Hypothesis

While the study has garnered some support, it certainly is not without its backlash. Flat-out dismissing the idea entirely, a researcher i.e. Jason Sheltzer of Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, New York, said;
“I don’t think that there’s any convincing evidence that smoking protects against coronavirus.”

Professor Brown of University College, London postulated;

“It’s difficult to assess how well smoking status has been recorded in an emerging epidemic. Lots of these people have been too sick to answer or have not replied totally honestly.”

Agreeing with this theory, a medicine lecturer at the University of East Anglia stated;

“One interpretation is that smokers are less likely to end up in hospital. But, actually, it’s more of an indication that when you’ve got doctors who are unbelievably busy they don’t complete all of the questioning they would normally do.”


As of now, it is unclear whether these hypotheses are legit or not. With these doubts, it is still better to avoid smoking because as a saying goes; “every cigarette you smoke is harmful”.


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