Coronavirus Pandemic: Pakistan starts testing locally manufactured ventilators


Coronavirus Pandemic: Pakistan has now started testing locally manufactured ventilators.

On Sunday, testing of locally manufactured ventilators began after it was allowed by the Pakistan Engineering Council. The council issued a document recently that revealed that the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination formed a special team for this cause. This special team will work to assess the testing of these ventilators.

The methods for testing the domestically developed ventilators are based off a concord by the engineering specialists. The document further added;

“The whole process is being fast tracked to meet the emergency requirement of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As per the council’s document, the dedicated special team will evaluate the testing procedures of these ventilators after every six months  on an as-needed basis.


Earlier, on 6th April, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain — Federal Minister for Science and Technology — revealed that the locally manufactured ventilators would be hopefully coming to the market soon. He talked about how he is in talks with various different ministries and is hopeful that the products will hit the market in the coming days.

The Minister said then that the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has developed ventilators. This task was done in unison with NED and Pakistan Engineering Board. He said then that the ventilators will be handed over to DRAP this week. Now, the testing phase has begun. Once they are ready, hospitals all across the country will install these ventilators.


Need to develop ventilators locally

Ventilators are available in a VERY limited amount in Pakistan. Hence, amidst this crisis, millions of rupees are being spent to import ventilators. Developed locally, the ventilators are surely going to cost less than imported ones.

Talking about this, Fawad Chaudhary said;

“High costs, manufacturing countries’ inability to fulfill export demands due to their own local demands, among other reasons, have made import of the equipment even more difficult even in America. So, after the manufacturing of local Ventilators, we will get cheap rate testing facilities in our own country.”

This move is bound to bring relief to the government as well as the health sector.


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