Coronavirus Outbreak: Rush on Karachi Sea View at an All Time High as Schools are Closed


Coronavirus Outbreak: Rush on Karachi Sea View is at an ALL TIME HIGH as Schools are Closed.

All the schools in the province of Sindh have now been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah said that schools were closed in the province as a measure to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Contrary to the intention, it seems that this decision has just increased the people’s rush at public venues, mainly the lovely Sea View.

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, during a coronavirus related conference in Karachi, told the people that the government has closed all the schools and colleges to prevent the spread of the pandemic. He further added that people should not leave homes unnecessarily and take government action seriously.  From the current situation, it is clear that people did not pay any heed to his words. Instead of staying in their homes as they should, the people have taken these holidays as vacations and are going to the Sea View to “enjoy” themselves. As a result, in spite of this dire situation, the rush on Karachi’s Sea View has reached an all time high. 

Current Situation of the Outbreak

The COVID-19 coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the entire world. As of now, it does not feel like the outbreak is going to stop any time soon. As of Saturday, 657 cases of coronavirus have so far been confirmed in Pakistan. 357 out of these cases are from Sindh too. According to sources, half of Sindh’s cases originate from Karachi. Sindh has also recorded 1 death due to the pandemic.

(All these statistics are from the government’s official coronavirus website)

These statistics have made it perfectly clear that the people should follow the government’s instructions. Acting upon these instructions, we should not go out of our homes unless absolutely necessary. Moreover, we should not treat these holidays as vacations. We should also take all the necessary precautionary measures and do everything to protect ourselves against the rapidly spreading virus.


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