Coronavirus News Provincial Education Minister Saeed Ghani tested positive for COVID19


Provincial Education Minister Saeed Ghani, has tested positive with the Coronavirus. He confirms this news via his Twitter account.



In a statement posted on social networking site Twitter, Saeed Ghani said that

“Yesterday I had a Coronavirus test which was reported positively. I am not feeling any of the signs that have been reported after the virus.”

Saeed Ghani said that I was feeling very healthy myself and performing my duties from home. He appealed to the public to stay at home for the sake of safety. In addition to this, he is waiting for another test report which will be available by tomorrow.

Syed Ghani also said that whoever people were in contact with him in the past few days should be very careful about their health and in case they feel any kind of symptoms, it is better to go for a Coronavirus test.

Following the announcement of Saeed Ghani, many other politicians, especially from Pakistan People’s Party decided to isolate themselves. Some of them are planning to go for a Coronavirus test just for the sake of safety.

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail is one of them, who has decided to self isolate himself as he was interacting with Saeed Ghani in the past few days. He announced this in a tweet that reads, “After @SaeedGhani1 tested positive for corona, I have decided to isolate myself for 24 hrs pending results of my test, as I was in a meeting on corona with him in close proximity. Stay safe. Allah Kareem”



People of Pakistan are appreciating Saeed Ghani for such a step. By doing this, Syed is sending a message that Self-isolation is the most effective method to get rid of this virus. Most importantly, we should not lose hope in case any of us tested positive.





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