Coronavirus In Pakistan: Suspected patient commits suicide at Karachi hospital


Coronavirus In Pakistan: Suspected patient commits suicide at Karachi hospital

On Monday, a man, who was suspected of being a coronavirus patient, committed suicide. The patient was a resident of Landhi. After persisting complaints of fever along with chest pain, the patient was admitted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) on Sunday night. As per the standard procedure, the suspected patient was then tested for the virus.

Before he was shifted to the isolation ward, his X-rays were also taken. Though, the man kept on protesting against this and insisted that he did not have coronavirus. After getting shifted to the hospital building, the suspected patients somehow found his way to the third floor of the building and jumped from there, suffering critical head wounds. His body gave up during the procedure to treat the injuries.

Details Of The Incident

Dr. Seemin Jamali, the executive director of JPMC, revealed that the patient’s name was Fawad Abbasi – a 37 year-old male who was brought to the emergency department of the hospital from Landhi on April 25th after demonstrating symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

On Sunday at 11.30 am. he was shifted to an isolation centre at the Medicine Ward-23 after his chest X-ray suggested that he might be infected with the virus. On Monday- at around 8.10 am – he attempted suicide by jumping from the third floor and suffered extremely critical head injuries. Dr. Jamali further added that the patient was quickly taken to the casualty ward, where he died during treatment.

The doctor clarified that the man committed suicide as he did not get the drug which he was addicted to and not because of negligence from the hospital. From the area of the incident, the obtained CCTV footage also confirmed that the patient committed suicide. Dr. Jamali said;

“We had conducted his chest X-ray and referred him to the isolation ward where he cried, hit the window and later committed suicide.”

What made matters worse is that according to Dr. Jamali, the patient’s relatives did not bother informing the doctors that he was a drug addict. Investigation from the police revealed that the patient was indeed addicted to a drug i.e. ‘Ice’.


Afterwards, the test result of the patient showed that he was not infected with the coronavirus. The police also started searching for the 37 year-old’s family. After fulfilling all the legal formalities, the body was then handed over to the victim’s family.


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