Coronavirus In Pakistan: Indus Motors Shut Down Toyota Production Plant


Coronavirus In Pakistan: Indus Motor Company (IMC) Shuts Down Toyota Production Plant Amidst Lock down.

Publicly Issued Memo

Indus Motors issued a public notice recently which states that the Toyota Production Plant is going to be shutting down. The memo goes into detail about their supply amidst the coronavirus crisis and the effect of the lock down on the automobile industry.

The notice reads;

“We are living in a time when safety has not only become more important, but the concept has been completely redefined. The term ‘safety’ now covers far ore than it ever used to in the automobile industry and we must unite and take care of each other to ensure a better future for everyone.”

Further talking about their supply chains and schedules getting affected due to the government-imposed lockdown, IMC said in the notification;

“The prevalent conditions worldwide have caused delays in our delivery and production schedules while also affecting our national and international supply chains. As per the government ordinance and advisory issued, the Indus Motors Company production plant will remain closed as per the directive. We request your patience in these testing times and assure you of our tireless efforts to ensure vehicle deliveries and service.”

The notification closes off by IMC talking about price and range revisions during the COVID-19 lockdown and thanking its customers. IMC concluded;

“Due to the international economic conditions and the flictuation in the FOREX indes, regretfully the prices of our products and vehicle range are being revised. The new prices will not affect any full payments made however if a customer requires a refund, they may approach our Customer Assistance Center (CAC) which will process a complete refund without any penalties or deductions.”

Previous Production Halt By IMC

There’s no doubt that this lock down has deeply affected Toyota alongside the entire automobile industry, in a very negative manner. Though, Toyota wasn’t doing so hot in Pakistan before the lockdown either. Because of the dollar rate rising rapidly, Toyota had to shut down production in September of last year due to lack of sales. (Read about it HERE)

Effect On The Struggling Automobile Industry

The automobile industry of Pakistan is already a struggling one. Now, because of the lockdown, major companies like Honda and Pak Suzuki have also halted production along with Toyota. Moreover, the up and coming companies like KIA Motors and Hyundai Nishat have their operations stopped as well. Even the Chinese manufacturers such as Regal, Master, and Changan etc. are also on production hiatus.

We can only hope at this point that the automobile industry is able to recover whenever this coronavirus pandemic ends.


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