Coronavirus In Pakistan: Groom Apprehended For Holding Wedding During The Outbreak


Coronavirus In Pakistan: On Monday, a groom was arrested in Multan by the police for violating the government’s directives that banned wedding functions at the marriage halls during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus has continued to spread rapidly, not only in Pakistan but all around the world. The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan continues to rise. The tally has been updated to at currently 211, but is likely to increase, according to health experts. Even earlier today, a suspected patient of coronavirus passed away in Lahore’s Mayo Hospital. Government authorities have been denying that the deceased was tested positive for coronavirus, but sources say the patient had contracted coronavirus and fell victim of the deadly virus.

Amidst this outbreak, the government has imposed Section 144 in Pakistan. According to this decree, the government has imposed a restriction on wedding halls, universities, educational institutions, tuition centers, and religious seminaries, ordering them all to close down. This restriction is currently to last for one month. All types of social gatherings have also been closed off. The people are also being advised to stay at home.

Police’s Crackdown

Despite all of this, a wedding reception in Multan was being held in violation of the government’s orders against mass gatherings. The police, on Monday, acted against this and an FIR was filed against the groom. Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak ordered the crackdown on the wedding. A team of Sital Marri police, aided by additional deputy commissioner revenue and corona focal person Muhammad Tayyab Khan followed through with this order.

The arrest took place following the registration of an FIR against the groom. The groom was standing outside the banquet hall to receive the guests. Police came to the venue and starting removing the tents in an attempt to disperse the guests. This was to save the people present at the wedding from being a victim to a possible coronavirus outbreak in such gatherings.

The wedding was being held at a public school. For organizing the event, the school principal, Bilal Dogar, also got an FIR filed against his name.

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation over the coronavirus crisis earlier today. He advised everyone to stay indoors and follow the government’s instructions. He also advised the nation to avoid public gatherings and follow the Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah of keeping oneself clean and tidy.


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