Coronavirus In Pakistan

Coronavirus In Pakistan: Govt. Employee Donates His Entire Pension For The Cause


Coronavirus In Pakistan: A Government Employee Donates His Entire Pension Among The Needy Families Of His Locality.

The deadly coronavirus pandemic has practically taken over the world now, instilling fear and uneasiness into the hearts of everyone. The tally for coronavirus in Pakistan is steadily climbing as well. But even in these times of desperation, it seems that humanity still has some heroes left. One of these heroes is Mohammad Ramzan Bajeer from Mithi, Sindh.

Ramzan’s Act Of Generosity

Hailing from Mithi, the capital of Tharparkar District, Mohammad Ramzan Bajeer is an ex-government employee who has taken a strong stand to help the people residing in his locality. Mithi is a region that was not economically stable even before the coronavirus crisis. The pandemic was just the nail in the coffin for things to get from bad to worse.

Mohammad Ramzan Bajeer, in an act of extreme kindness and generosity, donated all of the 160,000 rupees he had received as his pension by the government in order to help the needy who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. Ramzan was quoted saying;

“We should come forward to help the marginalized segment of society in the tough times.”

Although the donated amount might not look like much in the grand scheme of things, the message it sends to all of humanity cannot be given a monetary value. Ramzan’s deed of generosity tells us to support our fellow human beings in this crisis. Whether we can donate a hundred rupees or one lac, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we do donate and help as much as we can.

Other Tales Of Philanthropy In Pakistan

Fortunately, the tales of generosity and heroism don’t end with Ramzan. Pakistan, being one of the most charitable nations in the world, has seen other heroes as well who have risen to the occasion and are helping the ones in need.

A man in Quetta was spotted distributing food to the needy amidst the coronavirus crisis. The man filled up his jeep with food and gave it away to the poor on the streets of Quetta.

Besides this, Chief Minister of Sindh i.e. Murad Ali Shah tweeted about an anonymous donation sent to the Sindh Coronavirus Emergency Fund after his appeal to the nation. The donation was a whopping amount of ONE MILLION RUPEES. Murad Ali Shah appreciated the kindness of the donor and said that acts of philanthropy like this reassure everyone that “humanity stands tall during such extraordinary times”.

CM Sindh, Murad Ali Shah further added;

Although the person donating this generous amount to Sindh’s coronavirus fund asked to not disclose their name, I’d like to thank them. And to all others who are contributing to the fund. Thank you! Your contributions will surely make a difference! Let’s fight coronovirus together!”

Such acts of kindness surely give humanity a lot of hope during these times of crisis. It is now time for us to take a stand and contribute to the cause as well. Let’s live up to being one of the most charitable countries in the world and work together with the government to help the needy people who are suffering the most because of this global pandemic!


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