Coronavirus In Pakistan: Chinese Experts

Coronavirus In Pakistan: Chinese Health Experts Advise 28-day Lockdown For Punjab


Coronavirus In Pakistan: Chinese Health Experts Advise To Lockdown Punjab For 28 Days As Cases Skyrocket.

On Sunday, Chinese health experts highlighted the need to continue the lockdown for at least twenty eight days to control the spread of coronavirus in Punjab. The team of Chinese doctors that is currently in Pakistan to help Pakistan fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic made this recommendation during a meeting with Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar,

This suggestion came to be as the COVID-19 cases in Punjab have continued to skyrocket. Over 1500 confirmed cases so far in the province.

Meeting between the CM and Chinese Health Experts

The meeting of CM Punjab with the delegation of Chinese doctors took place on Sunday in Lahore. Whilst highlighting the importance of social distancing in controlling the spread of the virus, the Chinese experts told CM Buzdar;

“Social distancing is the key to stop the spread of the virus and authorities should ensure lockdown for 28 days.”

Coronavirus In Pakistan: Chinese Experts

The health experts also negated the myth that the virus does not survive in high temperatures. “There is no evidence which suggests that the virus will not spread in the summer,” said the health experts. Having worked at the place of the virus’ origination i.e. Wuhan, the experts told the government to contain the virus as soon as possible. The experts also shared their experiences during their posting in Wuhan with the authorities.

Suggesting that the COVID-19 patients should be quarantined in proper centers rather than at homes, the Chinese experts told the CM;

“Coronavirus patients should be treated at quarantine centers or at hospitals rather than being kept at home.”

They also talked about the treatment of the virus in critical cases and how plasma treatment and passive immunization methods have proven useful. “Three anti-viral drugs have also been used successfully,” informed the experts.

Mutual Appreciation

The meeting also demonstrated both parties’ mutual appreciation for each other. CM Buzdar thanked the Chinese government for the help it provided to Pakistan in time of need. He reiterated that the friendship between Pakistan and China has stood the test of time. Appreciating China’s handling of the coronavirus situation, the Chief Minister said;

“China is a trusted friend of Pakistan and its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is exemplary. Punjab government will follow the recommendations of Chinese doctors to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the province.”

Coronavirus In Pakistan: Chinese Experts

Meanwhile, the Chinese doctors also applauded the precautionary measures implemented by the Punjab government in the fight against the deadly virus.

Furthermore, the Chinese health experts praised the Punjab government’s SOPs for the treatment of the novel COVID-19 illness. They ensured that they will extend their maximum support to the Punjab government during this deadly pandemic for the treatment of the patients.

With over 3,000 cases so far in the country accompanied by 50+ deaths, the deadly pandemic shows no signs of slowing down its spread. Hopefully, with the collaboration of the Chinese experts, Pakistan is going to get through this tough time with minimum casualties.


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