Coronavirus continues to spread as Iran’s Health Minister gets infected! 😰

The spread of Coronavirus continues as Iran’s Health Minister gets infected.

Iraj Harichi, the deputy health minister of Iran, has been revealed to have tested positive for coronavirus. This happened after he was observed to be sweating heavily during a press conference. While this is extremely unfortunate, it is also kind of ironic. That is because the health minister was recorded saying that they have the virus outbreak under control just a few hours prior to this.

The Government denies all allegations of covering up the outbreak’s severity but with each passing day, the allegations are coming to be truer and truer.

Action of the neighboring countries

Iran has reportedly contracted 95 cases of coronavirus. Now with the deputy health minister contracting the virus too, caution against it is at its highest. Turkey, Pakistan and Armenia have responded to this outbreak in Iran prior to the Minister’s contraction by closing their borders with Iran.

Iran Coronavirus patient in Mashhad

Turkey revealed on Sunday that it will “temporarily” close its border with Iran due to coronavirus fears. Pakistan followed and revealed shortly afterwards that it was also closing its border with Iran. Moreover, Afghanistan has suspended ground and air travel to and from Iran as well.

Turkey’s Health Minister, Fahrettin Koca, told reporters;

“We have decided to shut the land border temporarily after an increase in the number of cases in our neighbor, Iran.”

He continued that Turkey was “alarmed” by the increasing number of infections in Iran. He said that he was forced to take the measure after speaking with the authorities in Tehran.

Ayesha Zehri, a senior government official in Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan’s province, which borders Iran, said;

“We have closed our border with Iran because of the reports of coronavirus there.”

Pakistan- Iran Friendship Gate in Taftan (DW/A. Ghani Kakar)

Due to fears of coronavirus outbreak, the National Security Council of Afghanistan revealed on their social media that Afghanistan is suspending all passenger movement to and from Iran.

Fast spread of the virus

Coronavirus is spreading all over the World at a very fast pace. WHO (World Health Organization) chief says that the World must prepare for a ‘potential pandemic’.

This spread of the virus is extremely alarming, more so for us Pakistanis. Especially since there have been no such cases detected so far in the country. Thus, we are at a risk of a coronavirus outbreak from both China and Iran, which are very close to us and can be a major problem.
All the Governments around the world must take all necessary measures to contain this virus. Hopefully, all the as-of-yet uninfected countries remain as such and the virus dies down soon.

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