Corona Crisis Golden Opportunity To Follow A ‘Make in Pakistan’ Policy: Razak Dawood


Abdul Razak Dawood- Adviser to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Commerce and Investment – has said that in the current condition of the world, credited to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, is a ‘golden opportunity’ to pursue the ‘Make in Pakistan Policy.’

While Pakistan continues to confront the COVID-19 outbreak, there are rising worries that the financial status of the country will have suffered a huge blow when all is finally said and done. The highest dollar rate ever has been witnessed earlier in this crisis already.

“Need Of The Time”

Amidst this concerning situation, Abdul Razak Dawood said ,on Tuesday, in a series of tweets that cutting down on imports and instead, adopting a ‘make in Pakistan’  is bound to help the country tremendously in these times. He said;

“The coronavirus has changed the world as we knew it; business processes will be completely different. Such difficult times always bring out new opportunities, new products, new ways of thinking. This is a golden opportunity for Pakistan to pursue the ‘Make in Pakistan Policy.” Under the circumstances, the need of the hour is a policy whereby we do not import, but make products in Pakistan.”

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Mr. Abdul Razaak further told that businesses are near closure and laborers are in danger of losing their jobs. He also emphasized on the importance of local manufacturing. He said that cutting on imports and starting domestic manufacturing is the need of the time. Afterwards, he also added that measures are already being taken to implement this policy. He ended the thread by saying;

“Pakistan must move towards making products on its own rather than importing items. The Ministry of Commerce is pursuing changes in the tariff structure for the upcoming budget. The new changes will allow the country to facilitate local production thereby moving towards local manufacturing [and] pursuing ‘Make In Pakistan Policy”.

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