Constables Khalil And Rafiq, Heroes Who Killed BLA Terrorists

Constables Khalil And Rafiq, Heroes Who Killed BLA Terrorists


Brave Constables Khalil And Rafiq From Rapid Response Force Sindh Police
Hailed As Heroes In Harms Way, Stopped BLA Terrorists From Entering PSX

Throughout the last 2 decades, Karachi has seen and suffered from ample gunfights and attacks. Hence an attempted gun attack to induce terror in hearts isn’t something novel now to the people. Such scenes were witnessed recently when a failed attempt of attacking Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi was made. On Monday, June 29th at 10am, 4 Gunmen tried to pierce their way into the PSX. They were excessively armed and could have caused a substantial massacre. They were reported to be part of the militant group called BLA, the Baloch Liberation Army, and were aiming for a long siege inside PSX.

However, little did they know that the Diligent and Brave Sons of Pakistan are again prepared to counter their evil ambitions.Constable Khalil and Constable Muhammad Rafiq were such two Valiant Sons from Rapid Response Force Sindh Police. They not only halted their advancement towards PSX, but also killed and neutralized all of the terrorists. As reported, two were killed at the gates, while two were shot down inside the building complex. Due to this swift response, all 4 terrorists were taken down in less than 10 minutes. Constable Khalil and Rafiq briskly took them down with clean headshots, halting their advancement and turning their wicked plans to dust.

After taking down all the terrorists, Constable Khalil briefed the Media on what happened :

The Nation Praises The Heroes

The Valorous Actions of Constables Khalil And Rafiq not only saved many lives, but they are now being hailed as Heroes across the country. The picture of duo has gone viral on social media, and the Nation has rightly praised their Valor. It was their quick thinking and acute response that saved the country from what could have been a major tragedy. Whole Sindh Police and Sindh Rangers along with Security Authorities are worth praising. They risked their lives once again to save ours.
All Lion-Hearts who took part in this operation will be rewarded with Rs 2 Million by IGP Sindh.


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