COAS Has Taken Action Against The Notorious "Karnal Ki Biwi"

COAS Has Taken Action Against The Notorious “Karnal Ki Biwi”


Reading Now: COAS Has Taken Action Against The Notorious “Karnal Ki Biwi”

Pakistan has long been paralyzed by the creeping rot of status quo and inequality between different sections of a single society based on privilege. Another disturbing example came into view recently, when an extremely unethical and rogue woman created fuss and drama on Hazara Motorway. She was seen abusing the police officers around her and taking law into her own hands. The disturbing sight of her considering herself above the common man’s law has gone viral, accumulating critical remarks for her and also the institution of army.

However, after the video went viral and became the number one trending hashtag on Twitter, anchorperson Ghareeda Farooqi tweeted claiming that COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa has taken notice of the irrational and fussy behavior of Colonel’s wife, and has launched an official inquiry report against the respective colonel.

The Incident On Hazara Motorway

The video was released earlier in the day when a woman in the car started abusing the police officials and ridiculed them just because she was a colonel’s wife. However, that video was taken down after COAS took action against the unacceptable woman. We do have the second part of that video, in which she can be clearly seen trivializing everything but herself. The police officers, however, can be seen showing professionalism and holding onto ethics. But the woman does not seem to care.

The woman finds herself eligible to reject the codes of law and disgraces the law enforcement officers because apparently, being a colonel’s wife is a huge deal. This is a reflection of a long prevailing sentiment in the army institutions according to which, citizens are not considered worthwhile.

Action Taken By The COAS

After the rogue and misbehaving woman was seen man-handling the servers of the nation, Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa took an immediate notice and called on for an inquiry against the colonel himself and his wife. The couple will be accounted for its code of conduct with the public and appropriate actions will be taken against them. This step by the COAS has been applauded by everybody because this gesture will surely reinforce the concept of accountability.

COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa has always been of the view that the army is the service of protection and security for the nation. He has given multiple speeches with the gist that army is meant to serve the people of Pakistan. However, when incidents like these come up front, it depicts the fact that black sheep are present everywhere and no institution is completely pure. The good news that comes out of this incident, however, is the fact that COAS has taken action against the notorious “Karnal Ki Biwi”.

COAS Has Taken Action Against The Notorious "Karnal Ki Biwi"

It is about time that justice and equality actually prevails. Social discrimination on any grounds should be demoralized and discouraged. Our soldiers make the biggest of sacrifices, but egoistic and arrogant people like this woman throw a shade on their achievements.

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