CM Usman Buzdar Wows Cholistan With Hollywood-Style Protocol [Video]


Now Reading: CM Usman Buzdar Wows Cholistan With a Hollywood-Style Protocol

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Buzdar wowed everyone on Friday when he reached Cholistan in Bahawalpur through a helicopter in a scene which appeared to be nothing less than something right out of a Hollywood movie. This astounding protocol included said helicopter which he arrived in and a 10-plus-vehicle motorcade that received him at the landing site in the desert.

The video of Usman Buzdar’s convoy in Cholistan went viral, with many people bashing the Chief Minister for using such heavy protocol even though one of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s main talking points in his election campaign was the abolishment of this very extravagant protocol. Its pertinent to note that this isn’t the first time he has received criticism for this. On the contrary actually, to the point that he has a reputation for abusing his status now. Here’s the viral video in question:

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also surprised the participants of the Cholistan Jeep Rally with his extraordinary driving skills when he drove his car himself on the track during one of his visits there. The Punjab CM’s driving speed even left his protocol cars behind!

The provincial minister stated that he wishes for the Cholistan Jeep Rally to be made an international event. He said that he gets pleasure from driving on such an amazing track. CM Buzdar added that people from all over the world should come to this rally and demonstrate their skills on the track.

A video of this was shared by Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project on its official Twitter account where the Chief Minister can be seen skillfully driving his car amid the turns on the Cholistan track with swiftness and grace, which is as follows;

Previously on Saturday, the provincial chief executive had visited the Tourism Development Corporation Punjab resorts where he inaugurated various development projects for Bahawalpur. It was during this visit where he also participated in the ceremony of Cholistan Desert Rally 2021. The projects he inaugurated include the TDCP Cholistan desert resort and double-decker bus service for the tourists for Bahawalpur.

Usman Buzdar also inspected the double-decker bus and purchased its first ticket himself, whic was worth Rs300. The route of this double-decker bus includes SD High School, Commissioner House, DC Chowk, Bahawal Club, CMH Chowk, Museum, Central Library, BVH Hospital, Fawara Chowk, Noor Mehal, Ahmedpuri Gate, Darawar Gate, Farid Gate, Mori Gate, and zoo.

Usman Buzdar announced to name the Civil Hospital Bahawalpur after Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi. He added that tourism was very close to his heart but COVID-19 drastically affected the tourist activities. Fortunately, now the same activities are going through their restoration process.

CM Buzdar added that another promise with the people of Bahawalpur had been fulfilled. He said that the Double-decker bus service was a gift for the citizens of Bahawalpur from the PTI government. People would be able to various visit tourist and historical places through this government given gift. Special rates have also been fixed for the elderly and differently-abled people for this double-decker bus service.


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